NOAH DATA: Engineering Parallelized Algorithms for Distributed Systems

CIO Vendor Along with the increase in volume, new kinds of data are turning increasingly mainstream. The need to analyze user comments, sentiments, customer calls and various unstructured data requires new kind of Analytics toolkits. Use of graph databases and visualization to represent unstructured data is an example of how things are changing because of increased variety. Riding this wave of change is Chennai headquartered Noah Data with a global presence, that offers on premise & cloud-based (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud) integrated Advanced Analytics and Big Data infrastructure solutions that scale.

Since inception in 2013, Noah Data has developed Advanced Analytics solutions for Enterprises and Start-ups alike in the U.S, India and APAC. These include patent-pending IoT driven analytics product aimed at predictive maintenance for asset intensive industries, highly collaborative end-to-end real-time Fraud Analytics solution that blends machine learning with human ingenuity, and churn analysis through machine learning for India’s fastest growing digital business. “Our Big Data Infrastructure expertise in both native and distributed versions of Hadoop, blended with our Advanced Analytics expertise, helps us to design integrated software &hardware architecture that strikes balance between performance and cost. It suits high-performance streaming applications running in Spark, Storm, Kafka, SQL-on-Hadoop and prevents costly forced upgrades”, says Ram Sukumar Co-Founder & CEO, Noah Data Technologies, Inc.

Predictive power at hands of decision makers
Organizations find it challenging to unearth real-time insights from always-on streaming data and to present outcomes in a clear, precise, and actionable manner. They also need to democratize visualization to enable decision makers investigate and get quick answers to their inquisitive questions. Addressing these challenges, Noah Data designs custom Big Data, Analytics, and Data visualization solutions that scale, with seamless data fabric that doubles as cohesive analytic environment for faster analytical insights. Noah data has enabled organisations to preview the future and make well informed, data-driven decisions through predictive analytics solutions built on advanced algorithms like Random Forests, Decision Trees, SVM, Shapelets, kNN, Apriori, and combinatorial algorithms using R, Python, SAS and MATLAB. Leveraging its integrated Big Data Infrastructure and Advanced Analytics skills, the organization builds parallelized algorithms that work on distributed systems without losing the integrity thereby unearthing key insights from fast data, at scale. “These algorithms are purpose-built for Streaming Analytics on distributed systems, and put predictive power at hands of business analyst/decision maker”, adds Ram Sukumar.

Noah Data leverages an iterative fail-fast fail-better approach – Agile CRISP-DM framework – to build deployment ready prototypes of Advanced Analytical models that are aligned closely with business needs, in 4 to 6 weeks. Noah Data conducts interactive business workshops to identify key business objectives and agree on measurable POV.
The organization then analyses data to achieve identified objectives and provides scalable, robust Big Data Analytics solutions. Moreover, with its Edge Analytics capabilities, Noah Data helps enterprises to analyse data as it gets generated at network’s edge, and decrease latency in decision making without getting overwhelmed by massive explosion in data volume. Also, the company reduces TCO and accelerates delivery of strategic Big Data initiatives through a well-phased Agile Managed Services framework that covers strategic road map recommendations, architecture advisory, pilot/prototype and implementation.

Fraud prevention and Customer Acquisition solutions for Financial institutions
The massive amount of transaction data generated from various customer touch points like ATM, Mobile &Internet banking, POS, and Core banking demand financial institutions to maintain a balanced customer experience with added security. Also, customers seek faster and easier processing of transactions – in direct conflict with fraud prevention solutions that impose more security steps. Growing competition from fintech start-ups and disruptive technology like block chain force banks to stay competitive and find revenue making opportunities, without increasing costs. Catering to these requirements, Noah Data assists banks with real-time alerts on potential fraudulent transaction; send hyper-targeted marketing to increase customer retention and acquisition through marketing analytics. Noah Data also helps optimize transaction processing through analytics mined from application servers log. In addition, the company aids banks in data migration from legacy systems to integrated Big Data Analytics ecosystem that aligns with bank’s growth objectives.

Noah Data designs custom Big Data Infrastructure, Analytics, and Data visualization solutions that scale, with seamless data fabric to provide faster analytical insights

Noah Data has been very selective in taking up the projects and has always treaded unchartered territories to maintain its edge. By delivering flexible engagement models, easy access to management, seamless integration with client’s team, and competitive pricing, Noah Data gratifies its clients that includes start-ups, enterprises from the U.S, India and APAC in the Financial Services, e-Commerce / Digital Business, Retail, CPG, Banking, and IoT verticals. Moreover, Noah Data is focused to leverage its expertise to build accelerators, and Platform as a service (PaaS) around IoT, leveraging Hadoop & Spark. The company objectively works to enable faster IoT deployment and intends to venture into the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning realm. Noah Data envisions itself as a glob al leader of managed services in the fields of IoT driven Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data Infrastructure in near future.