RETAIL WHIZZ: Automating Retail Industry with Customized ERP, Order Management and Payment Solutions

CIO Vendor With the Indian Government undertaking a slew of measures to accomplish Digital India Campaign, Introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Demonetization, the retail industry is on the cusp of an explosion for ERP adoption. This backed by huge internet penetration and the phenomenal surge in the use of smart phones across the country, has intensified the need for ERP adoption and system automation among retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Moreover, many existing ERP system users have reached the end of their ERP’s effective operating life and are now actively looking to replace it with better and improved solutions.
Alongside, with the industry already witnessing an upsurge in businesses, enterprises are no longer looking for rigid ERP software with irrelevant modules, but instead prefer a fully customized solution that befits specific business needs. Taking these critical industry requisites into consideration, Mumbai headquartered MyPOS Technologies Private Limited, trademark owner of Retail Whizz. brings forth a comprehensive solutions suite that is designed to assist enterprises in transforming business abilities into
competitive advantage.

Solutions provided by Retail Whizz deliver domain expertise of more than 1,500 man months built by dedicated team of professionals to provide a technology framework that includes customized ERP Solutions, System Integration, Implementation & Training, Cloud Hosting and Retail & Management Consultancy. These solutions, designed with a flexible approach, are aimed at helping clients gain better control of their business by streamlining business processes, achieve operational efficiency through automation and acquire meaningful analysis of their business data for prudent decision making. The company also ensures that their products are aligned with the latest technological developments, frequently incorporating upgrades and customizations into them, when necessary.

Providing ERP with Enterprise Wide Functionalities
Retail Whizz ERP is designed using an enterprise wide approach to resolve the challenges that arise in ERP functionalities and implementation. With the increasing complexity and rigidity of existing ERP systems, customers are required to make heavy initial investments followed by recurring costs of implementation and customization.

Retail Whizz ERP is designed using an enterprise wide approach to resolve the challenges that arise in ERP functionalities and implementation

In order to simplify the entire ERP landscape, Retail Whizz's ERP serves as a simple, easy to use and cost effective solution. This ERP encompasses retail functionalities such as Point of Sale (POS) Billing, Merchandise & Inventory Management, Delivery Management, Automated Ordering and Intending, Customer Loyalty, Warehouse Supply-Chain, Distribution Management, Payment Gateway, Integrated Financial Accounting, Client Relationship Management (CRM), E-commerce and various such features. Moreover, the company also offers Online ERP (On cloud), Offline ERP and Hybrid ERP solution.

In addition to the ERP platform, Retail Whizz offers consultancy services and provides relevant market benchmarking tools to their customers to enable them enhance their business productivity and attain operational efficiency, such as product & category management, contribution analysis, stock turn rate, ticket size management and many other such analytic processes.

The solutions offered by Retail Whizz are being employed extensively by single store - owner managed entities as well as by multi-store professionally managed corporates & multinational companies. The Retail Whizz ERP Platform has also been deployed at more than 6,000+ terminals across India including public sector undertakings and the company anticipates that this will grow meteorically in the upcoming years.

Future Roadmap
With ERP and System Automation market expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, the company is soon launching various cloud-based products using new age technologies to service large number of customers effectively on SaaS (Software as a Service) basis. Some of these products include:
• Order Management System (OMS) to connect distributors with Retailers and manufacturers with distributors, all integrated onto the same platform along with robust Master Data Management to enable businesses procure their supplies and manage their processes seamlessly.
• Integrated Payment Solutions (IPS) to address all payment and collection requirements of the business, especially after recent Demonetization. This product will help customers execute invoice-wise payments and collections on their respective due dates and will provide a detailed scheduler for effective fund management.
• Integrated Goods and Services Tax Software (GSTS) to enable every business seamlessly comply with GST regulations. After implementation of GST, every business covered under the law is required to do reconciliation of every single invoice with respective suppliers and customers and file multiple returns every month. This product will focus on specific requirements of different industries and accordingly automate collection of data, reconciliation of invoices and filing of the returns as required by the Law.
• ERP-On-Cloud, which is a logical extension of all the above products to provide automation across all functions of customers’ business.

Having numerous ventures under their wing, the company hopes to begin their journey of expansion by offering novel and improved technologies that will cater to different industry verticals. Through this, the company hopes to transform businesses and impact the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs in adopting technology which is both, user-friendly and rich in functionality.