RXPRISM: Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies and Engagement Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

CIO Vendor Changing patient expectations prompt doctors and hospitals to seek novel methods in customer relationship management. While the rise in use of and reliance on digital technology among consumers has ramifications on all industries, its impact on the healthcare sector is especially striking. In just the past year, consumers have displayed a dramatic increase in dependence on digital platforms when searching for health-related information and deciding on the choice of care.

These changes to the healthcare landscape have inspired the pharma and life science companies to look for innovative digital marketing strategies and disruptive engagement solutions. Positioning itself rightly, RxPrism Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one such company that provides just this. A digital healthcare marketing and customer engagement strategy and solutions provider, RxPrism enables global pharma and life science companies to digitalize their healthcare marketing and customer engagement approaches through novel promotional channels, using advanced technology and outstanding medico-marketing content.
What makes RxPrism different from others is its domain expertise with the right mix of talents such as physicians, pharmacologists, PhDs, medical illustrators, 3-D creative artists, marketing professionals, software engineers, and virtual technology experts. In addition, every functional team is headed by industry stalwarts with years of experience in their respective domains.

“The onsite–offshore (hybrid) global business model enables the company to provide cost-efficiency and operational flexibility while ensuring the highest quality and consistent and timely delivery.”

Besides its talented people, novel delivery model, first-to-market products, and access to advanced technology, innovation holds the key for RxPrism’s growth. RxPrism boasts an innovation lab exclusively for digital marketing, where the team constantly explores advanced customer engagement solutions using digital media and new-age technology.

Focusing on life science and healthcare companies in the B2B space and consumers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) in the B2C space, RxPrism works with almost all top 20 pharmaceutical and medical device companies from across the globe. The company takes pride in gaining the trust of industrial giants, namely Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Sanofi, Abbott, Merck, Takeda, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Dr Reddy’s, Mylan, and many more.

Customized Strategies for a Modern Marketing Approach
Functioning as a consultant, RxPrism offers customized strategies to its global clients to help them digitalize their conventional marketing approaches. Based on the transformational phase of its clients, RxPrism classifies them into 3 categories:

Clients who are yet to transform: RxPrism suggests sure shot, time-tested, and no-fail models for realizing early success. RxPrism also supports such clients in change management and influences their marketers to start thinking digital.
Clients who are in the process of transformation (especially from the Asia-Pacific region): RxPrism proposes marketer mentorship and training to bring in further transformation. RxPrism also provides incremental innovation and shares industry best practices and what’s new with such clients.
Clients who have already transformed (most notably from developed nations): RxPrism provides first-to-market ideas and suggests highly innovative new channels for continued excellence.
As an innovative solutions provider, RxPrism’s digital medico-marketers advise the right mix of channels, such as social media, rep channels, and/or non-personal promotions (NPPs) to help its clients realize instant marketing success. Social media is chosen as a channel to engage a group of physicians or patients; rep channel is preferred when a customer-rep interaction is sought; and NPPs, such as email campaigns, virtual detailing, and virtual Avatar-based 3-D virtual solutions, are opted for customer flexibility and technology-driven remote engagements.

RxPrism offers customized strategies to its global clients to help them digitalize their conventional marketing approaches

Aside from their deep domain expertise and extensive experience in medicine, life sciences, and pharma marketing, the communication experts at RxPrism are champions in healthcare regulations and marketing guidelines of different countries. Based on the strategies suggested and the channels finalized, the communication experts design and develop scientific and/or promotional content, which is then creatively presented using advanced digital tools, thus ensuring effective communication and augmentation of the client’s brand values and messages.

RxPrism’s service areas include cloud-based physician and patient engagement platforms, mobility solutions, medico-marketing communications, medical and patient education, and sales force training while its product portfolio comprises 3-D remote detailing, virtual detailing, virtual congresses, and analytical platforms for sales force.

Offshore Innovation Lab and a Unique Healthcare Application
RxPrism has been running several offshore centers of excellence for sales training and brand promotions for its clients across the globe. As innovation always comes at a cost, the company’s focus is to double its offshore innovation lab as centers of excellence for its clients. By strengthening this as a business model, RxPrism will be able to reduce the cost of innovation considerably, enabling its clients to execute more innovative projects and maximizing their desired outcome.

While emphasizing virtualization and automation amongst its clients, RxPrism is also developing a unique healthcare application that will be a game changer for patients, physicians, and hospitals alike. RxPrism plans to launch this application in early 2017 and is now in the process of filing a patent for this innovative concept. The company is certain that this application will revolutionize the way healthcare is being delivered, and that it will enable millions across the globe to have access to better healthcare.

Recognitions and Achievements
For its innovation, creative excellence, and use of advanced technology, the RxPrism team has been greatly acknowledged and rewarded in many international forums such as RxClub, MarCom, Hermes, Webby, New York Festivals, and International Achievers Conference. Besides, RxPrism is among the 20 most promising healthcare technology providers in India (by CIO Review), the 25 fastest growing 3-D technology companies in India (by The CEO Magazine), and the 50 best companies to work for (by Silicon Review).