Sify Technologies: Delivering Outcome Oriented Cloud Solutions on Pay-Per-Use Model

CIO Vendor Cloud is rapidly entering an entirely new phase, destined to be far more transformative and disruptive than the initial phase of cloud computing. It is driving comprehensive transformation of digital assets in organizations of all stripes, as IT decision makers begin to view this emerging cloud construct as a proxy for digital transformation. No single vendor can offer the end-to-end services that can satisfy all of a customer’s IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and business processing as a service needs. However, a vendor who can manage the entire heterogeneous on-premise environment to a homogenous one in a pay-per-use model, is here to stay. Chennai headquartered, Sify Technologies brings to the table services in Data Centre, enterprise-grade Cloud, Security, Network, Application, Technology Integration and related Managed Services, covering an entire range of essential Cloud services for organizations contemplating to move to cloud for good.

Sify offers Public, Private and Managed Cloud services, leveraging enterprise-class technology to ensure high availability, performance, scalability, security and value for money. The services testify Sify's proven expertise in Cloud services and are offered in customizable, cost-effective models that are easy to deploy and use. Sify’s Cloud Architects assist clients to quickly decide on investing in building a Private Cloud service or buying from Sify’s Public Cloud service and seamlessly integrate through their unique orchestration layer.

Enterprise Public Cloud
In a scenario where a company with an on-premise heterogeneous data center intends to extend their core application, the IT team usually gets a red signal from the management pointing out that the heterogeneous architecture shows no promise. The management often doesn’t share opinion with the IT team about increasing the capacity of the on-premise data center for core application extension. Here, Sify puts forth an offer of handling all the non-core applications of the company such as back office, HRMS, mailing in Sify’s own public cloud infra so that the company ends up releasing much of the capacity to work on their core application extensions.

Sify CloudInfinit is an 'Enterprise Public Cloud' platform that delivers Cloud solutions to enterprise customers. The platform offers ready-to-use and highly scalable virtual machines on a multi-tenant and secure cloud infrastructure. This enables the hosting of demanding e-business applications in an enterprise-grade infrastructure running through top tier Data Centers. Sify CloudInfinit infrastructure includes dynamic pools of resources offered in virtual, secure isolation to multiple organizations, managed 24x7 by Sify's Cloud experts and backed by stringent service level guarantees.

Sify CloudInfinit offers a wide array of product plans across the compute, storage, network, security, analytics and protection stacks, to provide end-to-end IT infrastructure on pay-per-use basis.
CloudInfinit: Isolated and flexible Private Cloud ecosystem
Sify Enterprise Private Cloud services help enterprises to design and configure dedicated resource pools. This helps to meet the organization's ITaaS goals with secure isolation of all Infrastructure-as-a-Service components. Also, Sify integrates the client’s Private Cloud platform, Public cloud and traditional hosting setup through its unique orchestration engine and WAN integration services to help achieve hybrid Cloud goals. Sify’s CloudInfinit platform deployed for Public Cloud requirements, can optionally power the Private Cloud requirements. Sify CloudInfinit is rich in managing heterogeneous orchestration, workflow customization, provisioning, monitoring, management, charge back and metering. In partnership with most proven IT partners like VMWare, RedHat, Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Symantec, HP, IBM, Hitachi, Dell to deploy Private Cloud solutions, Sify can help design and build Cloud infrastructure based on in-house standard blueprints or design custom solutions.

Sify CloudInfinit infrastructure includes dynamic pools of resources offered in virtual, secure isolation to multiple organizations, managed 24x7 by Sify's Cloud experts

“The CloudInfinit platform will give a single window and portal to see all your deployments. And so far, we have done more than 35 data center transformations for enterprises”, says Kirtikar Ojha, Business Head for Data Centre & Cloud Services at Sify Technologies.

What about security?
Sify addresses security concerns through a multi-layered approach across its Data Centre, Network and Cloud Infrastructure services. The Cloud Infrastructure, by defaultis provided with software/hardware firewall while the backdoors in OS/DB are closed by security teams to avoid malicious attacks. Further, Managed Security services (FortKnox/DDoS) are overlaid over standard Cloud services to reduce further security risks. Sify’s Managed Security center is operated by a trained and experienced security team supported by security monitoring and management tools. Sify is India’s first SSAE-16 Cloud certified provider, assuring customers of confidentiality, integrity and availability of business services at all times.

Sify’s Managed Security services include mandatory software and hardware firewall for all tenants, OS/DB hardening to close the vulnerable ports, segregated Virtual Local Area Network, patch management at regular intervals, vulnerability analysis for networks, applications, databases and 24/7 SOC monitoring for incident response and cause analysis.

Sify has 6 Data Centers in India- 3 in Mumbai and 1 each in Bangalore, Chennai and Noida. The company further plans to build a Global Operation Delivery Center at Hyderabad and a new age Data Center at Chennai. With a fair breadth of expertise, Sify deserves to be your ideal partner to manage the full spectrum of the IT needs of organizations, across sector and scale.