Softlink: With an Answer to Every Healthcare Provider’s Workflow Challenge

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loud-based solutions have seen a change in the dominance of one provider towards others who can deliver a faster, more engaged cloud-based solution that meets the needs of healthcare providers to secure EMR data and access information in real-time, when required. Headquartered in Pune, SoftLink has been driving the healthcare services regime in ‘capturing data at source’ through appropriate HIT and Medical Imaging systems. This being the company’s fundamental principle, SoftLink has built a range of products, which show promises in improving accuracy, efficacy and efficiency within the “patient care cycle”. SoftLink specializes in Hospital Information System, Lab Information System, Cardiology Information System, Cardiology Imaging Network, Radiology Information System, Multi-modality PACS, DICOM WEB Viewer, DICOM/ HL7 Brokers & Middleware, and Workflow Automation Solutions for Hospitals. Responding to the upsurge in demands for meaningful use of technologies and value-based patient care, SoftLink has been building cloud enabled technologies to meet the aforementioned requirements thereby empowering doctors to deliver diagnosis and improve patient care anytime, from anywhere. Addtionaly, SoftLink has also launched Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Zero foot print Viewer (ZFP) to resolve a range of workflow challenges for exchange and review of medical images. At the same time this facilitates better continuity of care by allowing access to every type of patient record from outside the hospital on practically any device or platform.

Complete integration of HIS/ RIS/ PACS
The progress of Hospital Information System/Radiology Information Systems/Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (HIS/RIS/PACS) integration is often barred due to glitches with the common communication platform between HL7 (Health Level-7) and DICOM. In order to overcome this bottleneck, SoftLink developed a software and hardware platform called Broker that accepts HL7 messages from the HIS/RIS followed by translating the data to produce DICOM messages for transmission to PACS or imaging modalities such as CathLab, CT and MRI.

In spite of standards & communication protocol, complete integration of HIS/ RIS/ PACS from different vendors is an expensive process in terms of time taken for implementation & interfacing Fees charged by multiple vendors. System integration is significantly hampered, not by technology limitations, but by business and political issues. “In response to these challenges, SoftLink has begun to offer seamlessly integrated RIS/PACS solutions as well as HIS/RIS/PACS solutions. This seamlessly integrated solution achieves better workflow automation”, adds Prakash Kamat, MD, SoftLink International.

A comprehensive information system
PANACEA Enterprise Suite is an entirely integrated, single-solution information system built and implemented by SoftLink. The single integrated database design facilitated the placement of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at the core of PANACEA. PANACEA manages and coordinates all aspects of patient care from pre-registration, admission, patient care to discharge.
Besides patient care and day-to-day administration in hospital, the product supports back office functions like, Materials Management, Pharmacy, HRMS, Finance, and assists the management in decision making thus providing a comprehensive solution for midsize and large hospitals.

PANACEA Enterprise Suite is an entirely integrated, single-solution information system built and implemented by SoftLink

Going Paperless
There has been an increased investment in HIT solutions that will affect all aspects of healthcare services, from costs to patient safety to the security and privacy of patient records. An often overlooked benefit of this transformation is the potential reduction of environmental impact from the healthcare industry. Contributing their bit, SoftLink has always ensured that almost all departments in a hospital, from admission to discharge go paper-less. Few key areas, such as Integration between HIS-RIS and HIS-LIS, allows the patient information to flow from HIS to RIS and from HIS to LIS seamlessly, thus eliminating the need of paper orders to be printed for Laboratory and Radiology examinations. However, an issue like paper waste cannot be addressed alone via HIMS to establish a paperless hospital. The more traditional HIS application is, the more paper documents will be generated. To eliminate these instances, SoftLink’s Document Management Software is an enterprise-wide departmental workflow-based electronic document imaging and archiving solution that seamlessly connects and integrates all available scanned and electronic documents with HIS Systems and indexes them with MRN for their easy retrieval.

Being the early adopters of Healthcare IT technologies with products to address almost every pain point in a healthcare infrastructure, SoftLink has made a move towards telemedicine. Hopefully, in the years to come, telemedicine too, will witness innovative product portfolio & solutions from SoftLink. With deep domain & workflow knowledge of hospitals and hands on experience of close to 2 decades in HIT, SoftLink is leaving no stones unturned in bringing Healthcare IT innovations at regular intervals.

Case Study: Improvising Product Roadmap to deliver on market expectations
SoftLink partnered with Philips Medical Systems to distribute SoftLink’s Cardiac Imaging Network in 1999-2000. While demonstrating the products at the Cardiological Society of India’s Annual Conference in Hyderabad in 2000, Philips’ Vice President of marketing from Hong Kong suggested Prakash to integrate Philips Cathlab Remote control with SoftLink’s DICOM viewer to give better user experience to cardiologist in reviewing angiiograms. Since, the requirement was coming from a strategic partner, SoftLink performed product R&D and integrated a peripheral device called IR Man (infrared sensor) to capture Philips Remote Control inputs thereby enabling various functions of SoftLink’s DICOM Viewer with a click of a Cathlab Remote Control, all within a few months time!