Systech Technocraft Services: Building An Inclusive Mft Platform For Secure And Seamless File Tran

CIO Vendor To keep pace with evolving business needs and ensure smooth running of business processes, companies and their globally dispersed teams must rely on fast, dependable data exchange to allow for project collaboration in real time. However this flow of information is often disrupted by issues of data size, access restrictions and security management. In the midst of these growing concerns, enterprises today are in need of secure, compliant and consistent file transfer systems that can efficiently monitor the movement of data between two points seamlessly. While a number of file transfer systems are available in the industry, Managed file transfer has emerged as the best alternative to conventional file transfer methods and is being increasingly embraced by enterprises across the country. Taking into account these industry trends and requisites, Mumbai headquartered Systech Technocraft Services has designed an inclusive Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform to bring organisations reliable and protected data movement and build the most collaborative environment.

Founded in 2009, the company utilises independent knowledge and domain expertise of its team to provide managed file transfer solutions to large enterprises and SME segments across India, allowing them a digital infrastructure to manage file flows between applications, people and devices from a central place. Automating the integration of back-end systems with built-in regulatory compliance, governance, and visibility controls to keep data safe, the company attempts to bring improved performance and scalability to help organisations boost operational efficiency. In doing so, Systech has procured an esteemed clientele spanning across different sectors, the BFSI segment being a prominent one. Systech believes that this sector is in dire need of efficient data transfer systems as the highly critical nature of their data makes it vulnerable to acute security breaches, and thus renders data transfer solutions that outline the core aspects of security.

Enhancing Data Transfer Across Different Domains
Although security is a key concern, it is only one aspect of much greater IT concerns. With information consumers in organizations relying on manual and intermittent batch processes to deliver the data they need, day-to-day productivity becomes compromised due to manpower limitations, turn-over, and simple human error. In collaboration with Globalscape’s flexible architecture, Systech provides Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) solutions that granularly address the above concerns. With modules that meet specific industry requirements, this platform can provide basic capabilities needed by SME’s, as well as military grade security and high availability vital to large enterprises. Enhanced File Transfer enables organizations to collaborate and securely manage file transfers among worldwide offices, clients, and partners using industry standard internet protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and AS2, while complying with stringent privacy regulations.

Furthermore, these capabilities of EFT can be extended into the Cloud (SaaS and On-premise) in the form of EFT Cloud Services that can handle complex and demanding information exchange within the Cloud.
On the whole, the EFT provided by Systech aims to make file transfer secure, scalable and affordable for clients. “Our file transfer solutions offer workflow management capabilities that ease the burden on organisations, enabling them to focus on high priority initiatives rather than daily maintenance”, claims Jitesh T Dave, Director, Systech Technocraft Services.

Systech’s EFT has catered to data transfer and management needs of enterprises in banking, healthcare, IT, government and logistics retail, to name a few

With these collective capabilities, Systech’s EFT has catered to data transfer and management needs of enterprises in banking, healthcare, IT, government and logistics retail, to name a few. The services of Systech in collaboration with Globalscape have been employed by IDBI Intech- a solutions provider in banking and finance, in automating the flow of sensitive financial data. Having to manage vast amounts of financial data regularly, transactions at IDBI were being bogged down by a slow, manual file transfer process. Assisted by the Systech team, IDBI took to deployment of EFT, which was able to bring about automated processing, enabling seamless and secure data flow between the bank and its clients. The organisation was thus able to achieve faster file processing, creating a positive impact on its customers. Across the financial domain, Systech has also assisted CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau Limited), a credit information enterprise that generates reports to optimize loan application processes for lenders. Owing to manually shared reports through email and CD’s, CIBIL was limited in the amount of data that could be sent via email, hurting efficiency for both CIBIL and its partners. Bringing Globalscape’s EFT to them, Systech helped CIBIL implement a dynamic file transfer system that could accommodate information and security needs
of customers.

Furthermore, in an attempt to optimize data transfer in different domains, the company has extended its competent services to Cairn in the oil and gas sector, providing them a secure and manageable gateway to streamline and exchange larger and more sensitive data. After the implementation of EFT, Cairn was able to enhance their internal operations, while saving valuable time and protecting critical assets of
their customers.

In Conclusion
Over the years, Systech has grown steadily in the information security solutions domain and gained adequate technical expertise through diverse undertakings. The company plans to utilise this expertise to refocus on core technologies that address key concerns of the industry and create novel additions to their solutions suite. Systech also intends to grow organically with new or enhanced technology alliance partnerships and manage them to higher profitability.