WISDOM JOBS: Assisting Organizations to Achieve Requirement Specific and Filtered Talents

CIO Vendor With growing foreign investment and outsourcing coupled with rapidly growing start-up cultures, the demand for skilled workforce is increasing day by day. Thus, the mass recruitment segment faces a whole set of new challenges in acquiring and retaining the employees. Moreover, the traditional ‘classified’ approach of online job portals is not optimal for the job seekers. Enabling the organizations with requirement specific skill assessment platform is Hyderabad headquartered Wisdom Jobs (part of Wisdom IT Services India).Wisdom Jobs is a skill assessment based job portal and driven by a stated goal of simplifying hiring.

Skill-Assessed Database via Pragnya Meter

Increased competition for talent at various levels, soaring attrition rates and changing skill requirements for employability is driving innovation in hiring. As a result, employers are looking for solutions which can filter quality and select quality candidates in the initial stages of their recruitment processes. Catering to these specific requirements, Wisdom Jobs’ skill-assessed database enables organizations to access a readily available source of tested candidates. The company also offers a 'Platform as a Service' model to help companies to create and conduct their own assessments to improve the quality of their initial candidate shortlisting. The organization furnishes online candidate competency assessment tool, Pragnya Meter, which helps companies to skill-test and shortlist potential candidates even before calling them for interviews. The tool enables assessment of extensive applications not only in pre-hiring assessments, but also in assessing competencies and training needs of employees for medium and large-sized organizations.
“With a database of nearly 30 million, over 14 million of whom are skill-tested and rated through our proprietary tool (Pragnya Meter), we make it easy for recruiters to identify the right candidate to be interviewed, in much lesser time”, says Ajay Kolla, Founder and CEO, WisdomJobs.com.

Moreover, the organization offers a custom sourcing solution, Quick Source for start-ups that provide sourced and filtered ‘profiles packs’ thereby helping them to save on job portal and recruitment agency costs. While rendering products that are automated using machine-learning and big data as the cornerstones, Wisdom Jobs also focuses to reduce human intervention, and eliminate subjectivity in the recruitment via in-house developed platforms. The portal integrates with a voice-based engagement tool called VConnect that assists organizations to contact and engage candidates through an automated voice calling system.

Since its inception, the organization has been focusing on growing its database of skill-assessed users. Wisdom Jobs also operates an exclusive job portal for the Middle-East & North Africa region –www.wisdomjobsgulf.com – with a registered user base of nearly 3 million. This USP has helped the organization to avail its services to nearly 3500 companies so far. “With close to 20,000 new registrations every day, we continue to grow our database, and our ability to be a source for quality profiles to companies”, adds Ajay Kolla.

Future prospects
The company intends to launch products such as applicant tracking systems and other automated recruitment solutions that will help companies in plugging gaps in the existing recruitment systems while leveraging the advantages of other products in the coming years. By understanding the specific needs of the customers and designing innovative solutions that meet the requirements, Wisdom Jobs envisages itself among the top 3 job portals and online assessment providers in India, aiming to be a 200+ Crore company within the next 5 years.