Zeux Innovation: Disrupting the Indian Ux Ecosystem Through Outcome Driven Design

CIO Vendor Most UX design companies face primarily three ground challenges - lack of understanding amongst clients on what it takes to create and sustain exceptional user experiences; difficulty in identifying and recruiting the right UX talent with the right skill-set; and scaling up. Headquartered in Mumbai, ZEUX Innovation is a UX design & innovation firm that employs an “outcome-oriented” focus & approach to taking on the typical challenges in designing digital experiences. ZEUX has been on a rapid growth trajectory since its inception and has successfully delivered to several large corporations. ZEUX’s core USP is their extensive experience and expertise in using the art and science of outcome driven design to craft exceptional digital experiences. “The ultimate benefit of a UX intervention must be demonstrated in terms of business outcomes rather than merely on aesthetics”, says Hemal Gathani, Co founder, ZEUX Innovation. The UX domain has traditionally struggled to connect design deliverables to tangible improvement in business metrics. ZEUX’s ‘outcome oriented UX’ focus & approach has not only helped the firm deliver measurable success to its clients but has also helped it gain a strong competitive advantage.

Not surprisingly, the most important and often the most challenging part of a UX design & innovation process is ‘problem definition’. ZEUX, when handling a project starts off with defining the key business metrics that need to be improved, which are translated into corresponding user goals & UX objectives. Over the course of the project, at key intervals, the team does governance checks to ensure the program is on track to achieving the key metrics defined. Apart from the bouquet of core UX assessment, research and design services, ZEUX also offers a unique service called UX lifecycle management. This offering was crafted as a result of the realization that though clients have started setting up their own UX teams, there is a real need and desire from the senior executives to get the outside-in perspective. As part of the UX lifecycle management offering, ZEUX assists clients in giving this perspective by providing an embedded UX leadership team for sustained guidance and advisory. An example of one such collaboration would be ZEUX’s role as the exclusive UX advisor and strategic partner to India’s largest securities and trading firm.

Future Proofing

Speed is critical in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. ZEUX has adapted their robust user centered design framework to be more agile and lean as required. This balances the need to be process oriented with the need to design and deploy rapidly.

With the advent of big data, AI and IOT, digital solutions are becoming more personalized. Digital interfaces are evolving from content containers to conversations.Users are now craving a new,
seamless, on-demand, digital experience: one clad in a conversational interface, ready to serve, and capable of complex actions. “At ZEUX, we have always believed in pushing the boundaries of user experience towards the ultimate goal of completely humanizing technology”, adds Saurabh Gupta, Co-founder, ZEUX Innovation. ZEUX often takes the lead in defining UX standards and putting frameworks in place for new technological paradigms. Most importantly, ZEUX understands that creating exceptional user experiences often requires cutting through the hype of the latest technological trend and distilling down to relevant use cases that will ultimately make life better for the user.

Apart from the bouquet of core UX assessment, research and design services, ZEUX also offers a unique service called UX lifecycle management

Founded by award winning industry leaders with a proven track record and over 40,000 hours of combined global UX consulting experience, ZEUX has a healthy pipeline of projects in the banking, telecom and ecommerce sectors. While helping startups understand what it takes to create best-in-class digital experiences and leverage UX as a strategic differentiator, ZEUX also plays a major role in helping incumbent players understand the need to not only make a smooth transition to digital but also to create the next wave of digital disruptions and integrate design & innovation into their long-term strategy.

Saurabh Gupta, Co founder

Saurabh graduated from NID, Ahmedabad with a specialization in New Media Design, passion for UX and strong belief in design’s ability to simplify, amplify and delight. Over the course of his decade long UX design & innovation career, he established, managed and led UX design and innovation teams that delivered award-winning UX solutions and tremendous ROI for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. He has also spent 1000+ hours as an instructor and speaker, teaching & evangelizing UX strategy, design and innovation across the globe.

Hemal Gathani, Co founder

Over the course of his 12 year UX career, Hemal mentored large UX teams comprising of analysts, researchers and designers. He led 100+ UX design projects from inception to final delivery and architected several large UX transformation programs including the world’s first BOT of a UX operation for a large global telecom. Hemal built his equity as a UX industry leader by being relentless in ensuring UX enhancements translate to real business outcomes.