BluePi Consulting: Enabling Organisations To Jumpstart Their Cloud Journey

CIO Vendor The advent of cloud is one amongst the most disruptive trends that has completely transformed the business landscape. However, concerns over security, possible downtime, inflexibility, and cost overshadow the innumerable advantages that the technology ushers businesses with. Pronam Chatterjee, CEO- BluePi Consulting, however, opines, “Security being a drawback on cloud is a myth. Enterprises are adopting cloud not despite security but because of it. Cost is a concern on cloud adoption primarily due to inappropriate solution design and deployments. There are plenty of opportunities to optimize costs by running serverless architectures, temporary instances, and reserved instances. A Lift and Shift deployment may not necessarily be able to take full advantage of the cloud services and cost may become a concern.”

Gurgaon based BluePi Consulting develops solutions engineered with the latest architecture patterns and cloud services. With over 50 certifications on cloud and a team of sys-ops and dev-ops certified engineers, the firm analyzes and adopts latest processes while simultaneously building their competencies to stay abreast of technology. Be it IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, BluePi enables clients to be cloud ready, leveraging its partnership with leading cloud providers such as AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud. Moreover, the firm builds strong partnerships wherein customers’ objectives reign supreme right from discovery to delivery through maintenance. All of these factors culminate in clients unlocking great value from deployments in terms of scalability, security and high availability.

Flexibility and Optimisation
Flexibility is one of the key factors that drive organizations towards a cloud set up. However, clients often choose to start small and grow as they see benefits of low cost of adoption and reduced time. However, Pronam Chatterjee points that flexibility not only depends on the pricing models or spot and reserved instances but equally depends on the choice of services. Further, when talking about optimization on cloud, one of the important questions that needs to be addressed is which cloud strategy enables one with high efficiency in business performance and visibility. BluePi helps organizations through all of the concerns by analyzing existing solutions while measuring it with better approaches. This is also the key when organizations look for flexibility.
The performance optimization as a service at BluePi provides organizations with access to sophisticated performance analytics, with low cost of entry, rapid time to value, and high scalability. Complete audit along with monitoring and detection of unused instances helps businesses optimise cost. The CEO adds, “The trick lies in choosing the most suitable instances, deciding between the different cost plans like on-demand, reserved and upfront, choosing between the different storage types and rightsizing resources and managing unused resources. However, the biggest value comes from adopting a cloud-enabled architecture- adoption of microservices and API driven serverless solutions. This is where the BluePi expertise comes in.” In fact, the firm boasts of successfully bringing down the cost for over 25 different organizations.

Be it IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, BluePi enables clients to be cloud ready, leveraging its partnership with leading cloud providers

Meeting Unforeseen Requirements
In the current business landscape, organizations at any point in time might require making a modification to the existing cloud infrastructure. This critical process calls for the expertise of managed service providers. BluePi is perfectly positioned in this segment, helping clients direct all their focus into their business while delivering the advantages of continued awareness of the infrastructure, automatic monitoring, and alerts, stopping unplanned downtime, instantaneous availability of backup and restore, up-to-date security measures for hardware and application and cost savings.

People and Processes
“We are in a very high touch solution space wherein we are solving some of the most pressing challenges our customers are facing and helping them differentiate competitively. In all this there is a certain human element and people to people rapport that makes us stand apart,” says Pronam Chatterjee, attributing the firm’s steady growth to its workforce.

Above all, state-of-the-art tracking and sharing tools, automated CI/CD pipelines tied together with transparent and client driven processes enable innovative tailor-made solutions for each client. Perceiving ample scope for cloud adoption in the Indian market, BluePi will continue aiding organizations to jumpstart their cloud journey and then help them gain a competitive edge by embracing analytics, machine learning, and data science.