Exceptionaire Technologies: Equipping Organizations with Game Changing Digital Transformation Strate

CIO Vendor Digital today is no longer a department within an organization but intrinsic to every single department. India is at the dawn of this digital transformation. Organizations, big or small, are rapidly embracing new forms of digital transformation in order to remain competitive in the industry.

Improving performance has always been the topmost priority for businesses. This has led to the adoption of digital innovation where the organizations are reinventing themselves, their products, processes with the help of digital transformation. Improved efficiency through digital transformation has presented organizations with massive amounts of data extrapolation leading to better decision-making, helping achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and churning increased profitability. This win-win situation is the manifestation of digital innovation.

However, many businesses are unprepared to ride this wave of digital transformation. The skills, technologies, and processes the businesses may have in place do not translate to a digital world. Coming to the fore is Pune headquartered Exceptionaire Technologies with a compelling offering in digital innovation and transformation closely working with its customers in the capacity of a CIO.

“Our years of experience working with both start-ups and well-established enterprises have helped us identify business problems and architect the right digital transformation strategy with guaranteed savings,” adds Shhrigovind Tiwari with multiple publications in NASA, IEEE in the field of quantum physics to his name, CEO, Exceptionaire Technologies. Building the company from ground up, Shhrigovind and his technically adept team identified the core competencies and put in place a robust sales engine focusing on the right target audience resulting in quicker customer acquisition and high volume repeat business through increased levels of customer satisfaction helping achieve sustained year on year growth. Continually striving to achieve the set goals has helped the company with a repeat business of over a 70 percent and a whopping customer referral of over 98 percent.

Founded in mid-2012, identifying themselves as Digital Product Success Partner, Exceptionaire is an award-winning IT-services provider working with SMBs and Fortune 100 companies, engineering state-of-the-art digital products for their gamut of renowned clientele spread across time-zones and industry verticals that mainly include automobile, retail, hospitality, real estate, media, healthcare and technology.
Being in the business of building digital products, Exceptionaire has many-a-times faced tight time-to-market timelines, low POC and MVP budgets working with start-ups where, interestingly as Shhrigovind puts, the Agile or the Waterfall models fail. As they say its only possible to have 2 out of these 3; quality, budget, time, Exceptionaire has institutionalized processes that help achieve these goals that are built on-top of digital innovation. The team with their deep industry knowledge closely works with the client's key personnel to understand and map out the current business processes, benchmarking them against proposed digital transform solutions that warrant reduction in latency and low productivity. Post this, the team goes ahead with the Proof of Concept (POC) of the desired digital transformation strategy with the right technology solution mimicking the processes and deriving guaranteed savings. Once this process is carried out, Exceptionaire draws out a detailed technology solution architecture and deployment plan. Finally, the team goes ahead with meticulously designing the product while assuring it possesses user-centric designs and schedules it for a product launch.

Our years of experience working with both start-ups and well-established enterprises have helped us identify business challenges and architect the right digital transformation strategy converting them to assets

Harnessing the Power of Mobility
Aware of the impact and reach mobility has over customers, the company proffers a comprehensive suite of enterprise mobility solutions that include Enterprise Mobility solutions, Mobility Consulting services, Native and Hybrid application development and Mobile website solutions. While enterprise mobility assists businesses to achieve increased efficiency of businesses, organizations still hesitate to deploy such solutions owing their fear to information security, data vulnerabilities, and complex application integrations. Understanding the market requirements, Exceptionaire, with its strong domain expertise, delivers its services to businesses right from ideating to architecting and integrating the mobile system with the existing enterprise platform thereby forming a seamless synergy building a ‘Zero Information Leakage’ ecosystem with almost impenetrable security while assuring it is extremely robust, adaptable and scalable to the growing demands of the organization.

Keeping up with upcoming technology trends and upgrading the skill set required to deliver cutting-edge technologies, Exceptionaire aims to expand their global footprint with an office in the USA to add to their already existing offices in Pune, Netherlands, and Singapore.