Girish Global Holdings: Meeting and Exceeding Customer Demands with Unified E-Commerce Platform

CIO Vendor The Indian e-commerce industry is growing at an impressive rate. The ubiquity of smartphones and a massive population makes it the ideal e-commerce marketplace. Almost every age group is now making various purchases online instead of offline stores due to the plethora of choices at one's fingertips where comparisons of services/products can be made easily. However, with customers being spoilt for choice, businesses have taken it upon them to keep the customer engaged and ensure complete customer satisfaction before the customer moves away to another platform to fulfill his needs. To keep pace with the customer’s ever-changing demands and continuously innovate, businesses need to incorporate advanced engineering technology to match the current market trends. Establishing an e-commerce strategy, developing and implementing e-commerce best practices and deploying e-commerce technology solutions are the pre-requisites that businesses need to adhere to, failing which the business is at the risk of perishing. With a gamut of services/ solutions to their name, Hyderabad based Girish Global Holdings, leverages its novel e-commerce strategies and processes to help identify and nurture customers and entice them to buy products or services online. E.K.Girish Singh, the Chairman of Girish Global Holdings, with his strong business acumen and his drive to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers through market analysis, adds, “We work on individual customization and seamless upgrades, the very elements we so strongly advocate when it comes to successful online retailing.”

Broadening the Company’s Reach into the Indian Market
A conglomerate group, Girish Global Holdings (GGH) cater to a huge customer base with an amalgamation of innovative products that are offered from various categories that include Information Technology, Real Estate, Internet Services, Marketing and Advertising, Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, Ecommerce, Electronics, Film Production, Education, Health and Fitness, Car Rental, Apparel and Fashion, Healthcare, Retail, Social, Food & Beverages, Kids, Beauty and Printing. Being a fairly new entrant into the market, the company has plunged ahead within a short period of time and set up more than 60 brands that are thriving in the market. As a growing organization in this emerging sector, the company has implemented a host of strategies in order to attain maximum profitable business. With a proven track record, within a span of one and a half month, the team at Girish Global with their deep expertise in this sector achieved a target of getting more than 500 merchants on-board. Striving to propel ahead of their competitors, the company has set a target of 1000 plus merchants by the end of the year 2017.
Currently, the company has a record of more than five lakhs transactions per day and look forward to higher figures in the near future. Girish reveals, “After thorough market analysis and striking balance with other competitive sites along with maintaining our business strategies we have been offering our customers the benefit of affordable pricing with great discount offers.”

We work on individual customization and seamless upgrades, the very elements we so strongly advocate when it comes to successful online retailing

Before establishing Girish Global, Cosmickent Technosolutions, one of the many affiliations now under the Girish Global brand was incorporated in 2015. The team worked on enhancing their sales and services by diligently working on the best market practices. “We are continuously working on innovating our service offerings with the freshest ground-breaking tech and ‘must-haves’,” affirms Girish Singh. The platform offers a comprehensive range of web and app-based services and reaches out to the target audience as per the business strategy. Administering a customer-centric approach, the company successfully conducts personalized digital campaigns. However, while other platforms may require their customers to undergo a long tiring process to make any purchase, Cosmickent Techno made their process extremely user-friendly post collectively studying the evolving market trends.

Assuring Impenetrable Security
Apart from this, Girish Global serves as a platform to a broad spectrum of services including Eazyspot, Spartxo, Ivigoo, Getyaa, Best onezone , Getmarryhere and the likes. Relevance and credibility of data clubbed with apprehensions towards using payment gateways due to security issues pose some major challenges for online users. Spearheading these challenges, Girish Global has a team of professionals that approves the matter posted by a buyer or seller after validating the information. “The customer can trust the authenticity of a post without any hesitation as our staff has a rigorous process to validate the genuineness of any post,” confirms Girish Singh. Additionally, the company assures secure transactions with their latest highly secured payment gateways. Aware that customer/member account details and transaction data is very crucial and demands for a safe passage of the sensitive information amongst the customer, vendor, and the bank, the company proffers a reliable and credible platform for secured payment transactions.

Expanding the company’s reach within such a short period of time, Girish Global has penned down strategic business plans to flourish in the emerging Indian market and work towards their goal of becoming a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all the customer needs.