Innovatia: Enabling Businesses to Manage Information and Content Efficiently

CIO Vendor Knowledge management empowers organizations to leverage their data to respond efficiently and accurately to evolving challenges and landscapes within their industry while maintaining a competitive edge. In this age of information, some of the biggest challenges include content overload, content accessibility, the transfer of knowledge with higher turnovers and an aging workforce.

One Stop Shop
Many solution providers focus solely on one of the many aspects of knowledge management. This can create a disconnect of information when a business works with multiple vendors. Canada headquartered Innovatia Inc., however, creates a strong distinction in the market by offering services that encompass all knowledge management areas a business needs to thrive. Bringing forth a wide array of services that include documentation, custom learning, technical support, content architecture and a diverse range of software products, the firm is driven with the purpose of facilitating efficient management of corporate knowledge while standing strong as a global one-stop shop.

Documentation and Content Architecture
An employee’s ability to find the most current and accurate content quickly and easily is critical to the success of any organization. Innovatia’s Documentation and Content Architecture teams work directly with clients to take existing business information, and utilize Innovatia’s in-house tools and processes to achieve this. The process includes enabling single source for content, meaning when pieces of documentation need to be updated, they can be updated in one location, and updated throughout all content access points quickly and efficiently.

Customised Learning Services
The custom learning services at Innovatia offer the full service spectrum from analysis to design, development, and delivery. Full curriculum content and interface development for mobile learning, and a full-featured hosted Learner Management System (LMS) round out the offering. An industry hot topic has recently been centred around micro-learning, and Innovatia has greatly increased their focus in this area to deliver world-class offerings to their clients. Sai Kavitha Krishna Iyengar, VP & Country Head - India, explains that traditional learning requires an employee to be pulled off work for multiple hours or, in some cases, several weeks.

Micro-learning on the other hand, enables learners to experience bite-sized learning on a daily basis. This not only improves retention but also reduces downtime.
Technical Support
Innovatia’s technical support services operate globally, in multiple languages, and on a 24/7/365 cycle. “This is where Innovatia’s services become a critical success factor for our clients,” explains Gerry Verner, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our clients trust us to provide support to their largest customers, with educated and experienced tier 2/3 technical support teams supporting global clients on complex OEM troubleshooting, alarm monitoring, software and hardware support and more both via phone and online. This allows us to significantly enhance the overall User Experience for our client’s end customers.”

Tools for Complex Procedures
Through extensive research and development, Innovatia has developed two unique software tools to help organizations manage critical procedures. Innovatia’s Procedure Accelerator is a centralized content management system for work instructions, and is an apt solution for organizations with large volumes of operational content: procedures, processes, and safety requirement guidelines. Some of the proven benefits of the solutions include reduced procedure authoring time, streamlined review, edit and approval/publishing process, real-time tracking of work, and simple reporting for regulatory compliance and efficiency improvement initiatives.

Innovatia creates a strong distinction in the market by offering services that encompass all knowledge management areas a business needs to thrive

ProcedureFlow is yet another solution which aims to empower technical support teams. The visually rich and easy-to-use solution facilitates efficient capture of knowledge. Accessible from multiple devices, ProcedureFlow has found widespread implementation in the call center industry, and is quickly growing to reach new markets.

Commitment towards Innovation
Innovatia brings forth an unflinching commitment towards innovation and research and development with over 18 years of experience in provisioning knowledge management solutions for global companies, including several Fortune 500 firms. Future forward, Innovatia is aiming to expand their reach both geographically and through new industry verticals, helping to shape the knowledge management landscape.