Magma Engineering Asia-Pacific: Robust Casting Simulation Software for Better Quality with Increased

CIO Vendor One of the oldest and most challenging methods is casting that is used to manufacture complex parts which can be time consuming and expensive if approached by alternate methods. This energy-intensive manufacturing processes requires the utmost precision of process control. Implementation of casting simulation software increases the robustness of the process while improving the quality and avoiding any metal casting defects that may be encountered. Essentially, the software has the ability to simulate and identify typical casting defects such as cold shuts, air entrapment, shrinkage porosity and mould degradation. Most importantly, it assists in reducing the design time by assuring these issues are taken care of before moving on to the costly prototype stage. However, it is a highly technical engineering process that demands a deep scientific understanding which can be attained only with experienced professionals and updated technology.

With more than two decades of industry rich experience and simulation competence is MAGMA Engineering Asia- Pacific offering cutting-edge MAGMASOFT software that helps produce quality castings by minimizing the shop floor trails, reducing the cost of production, streamlining the process conditions and quantifying the experience. The software is used throughout the metal casting industry, especially for the optimization of cast components in automotive and heavy industry applications. The company believes what sets their software apart from vendors providing similar solutions is their unique combinations of accuracy, reliability, research and development, technology, technical support and effective trainings on the software. Most importantly, keeping up with trending technologies and rising customer demands, the company continually upgrades the software with innovative features specifically catering to the foundry industry.

Enhancing the Quality Standards of Metal Casting
Headquartered in Singapore and a subsidiary to MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH, the company boasts of a global presence in the USA, Singapore, Brazil, Korea, Turkey, India, China, and the Czech Republic with more than 30 qualified partners representing MAGMA across the globe.
Continuing the series of MAGMASOFT solutions is MAGMASOFT Release 5.3, yet another of the company’s novel offerings. Essentially, it is a comprehensive and effective simulation tool for improving metalcasting quality, optimizing process conditions and substantially reducing costs in production. The software has been designed to predict the total metalcasting quality by simulating the mould filling, solidification and cooling. In addition to this, the residual stresses and distortion clubbed with the microstructure formation and property distributions can be assessed in all casting manufacturing processes.

The software is used throughout the metal casting industry, especially for the optimization of cast components in automotive and heavy industry applications

The company’s newest release, MAGMA 5.3, is a new optimization methodology that assists in deciding the feasibility of a design as well better economics planning while also optimizing the alternate designs to make proper decisions. The feature-rich solution extends their services to product designers to optimize designs by ensuring the desired material properties without maintaining excessive safety margins. Additionally it helps to predict the feasibility of reduction in the casting wall thickness within specified boundary conditions. It identifies potential defects at an early stage by solidification simulations which in turn enable to design the proper gating system. In conjunction with this, it reduces the lead time by providing proper solutions to the casting manufacturers and establishes better communication between development, production, management, sales and casting buyers to ensure a smooth functioning of the process.

With a strong commitment to casting excellence, the company strives to continually improve themselves and work on several new challenges which will ultimately benefit the casting industry. With the success of their latest release, MAGMA envisions launching their latest solution, MAGMA 5.4, a new methodology for die casting industry and also provide binder degradation analysis through the software. Meeting and exceeding every customer’s unique requirements, the company promises to innovate and update the market accordingly.