Sparkle Soft Systems: Revamping the Education Segment with a Comprehensive Cloud-Based SaaS ERP Plat

CIO Vendor Technology has left no aspect of industry verticals untouched. And the field of education is no different. A product of technology innovation and the endeavour to streamline and accelerate all school administrative tasks school management systems have arguably altered the education landscape. However, India, which accommodates approximately 1.5 million schools and over 260 million school going students, has manifested a lethargic attitude when it comes to the adoption of school management systems despite its many advantages in enabling educators to do a better job. Solution providers in this domain have expressed the schools’ comfort with the old manual systems that as a stumbling block while convincing school administration about the massive digitization of the physical processes.

Despite the evident challenges, Chennai headquartered Sparkle Soft Systems Private Limited has embarked on the mission to revolutionize the education segment with the school management system - Sparkle Skool. In an attempt to take the school management systems segment to the next level, the firm has architected the cloud-based SaaS ERP platform following an extensive research and analysis. Sparkle Skool takes into account and caters to not only the school administration and teachers but also the students and parents as well.

The robust platform connects the different bodies of schools from the administrative office to fee counter to the library, hostels, stores, academics, activity center and more. Schools can also choose to integrate Sparkle Skool with smart cards, biometrics and barcodes if required. An area of concern for many parents and students is the efficient management of the pupil’s schedule and striking the right balance with work and play which can be a daunting task. Sparkle Skool will prove to be suitable management tool here, facilitating separate scheduling for students be it for homework, weekly subjects, or test schedule all of which are allotted in the parent login. This not only helps parents and students to keep a strong grip on their education but also help students work on concerned areas or weak points.

Overcoming the Reluctance to Adapt to Newer Solutions
Addressing the challenge of schools’ reluctance to adapt to newer automated solutions such as Sparkle Skool, the firm has conceptualized an interesting approach. David Sushil Kumar, Director, Sparkle Soft Systems provides further insight- “Our primary initiative is to educate the school administration how the software works. We do this through a personal employee who we appoint at every school to train and get the schools familiar with the software.
Sparkle Soft Systems will retain the staff for 3 months at Sparkle’s payroll and if the School wishes to retain our staff, then we would provide the facility with a nominal charge.”

Catering to the Unique Requirements
Another feature which will add the school administration’s delight is the ample scope of customisations that Sparkle Skool brings forth, thus catering to the unique requirements of the schools at any time. Security is yet another aspect of the solution that has been given due importance. Sparkle Skool equipped with advanced cyber security features which combines the physical infrastructure to create a comprehensive and secure solution that protects users against DDoS attacks with 256 Bit Encryption data security. Further with redundancies built-in users are always online. David Sushil Kumar tells us that this allows for the flexibility to avoid server crashes even during high traffic.

In an attempt to take the school management systems segment to the next level, the firm has architected the cloud-based SaaS ERP platform following an extensive research and analysis

Along with the ERP software Sparkle Skool, Sparkle Soft Systems also delivers a complete website solution for the schools including the domain registration, hosting and complete website design. The solution is an integration between the ERP software and website with complete information about every student in the school. The team at Sparkle Soft Systems also provides admin and parent login details after which schools can upload the pictures of the various school events. The Director adds, “If Soft Systems will also provide android mobile app on request.”

A Strong Team to Grow With
Sparkle Soft’s immense exposure in the field and experience has seasoned the team to aptly analyze the requirements of the clients while adhering to the best practices. The firm is further strengthened by the team of UX designers and professionals who have been striving diligently taking the firm’s aim of taking school management systems to the next level closer to reality. In conclusion, David Sushil Kumar divulges the firm’s yet another noble effort towards the field of education- Sparkle Skool software will soon be delivered to all government schools across India free of cost. The universal model of the solution will enable schools to accelerate standard administrative tasks like admission, fee collection, timetable and more with achieving greater efficiency.