Yethi Medical Systems: Ameliorating Healthcare Delivery with Advanced Medical Technology Solutions

CIO Vendor India's healthcare space has evolved a great deal over the last decade and has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the medical technology landscape. The country’s medical device market which is currently valued at USD 2.5 billion is growing at an annual rate of 15% and is forecasted to reach USD 4.8 billion by 2019. This consistent growth of the market offers unrivaled investment and business opportunities for medical technology solution providers to develop solutions that can cater to the unique requirements of the industry. However, despite the ability of medical devices to provide increased access and significantly reduce the burden of disease as well as load on healthcare delivery services through early diagnosis, the Indian medical device industry still encounters challenges with respect to regulatory/legal issues, unfavorable duty structures for exports and imports, high capital costs and approval delays along with complexities in increasing labor productivity skills and developing affordable products. Acknowledging these challenges and opportunities, Bangalore headquartered Yethi Medical Systems Private Ltd leverages the latest available technologies to bring competitive Medical Technology solutions to the fore.

Established in 2010, the idea of Yethi Medical Systems was initiated by Harish Nuggehalli, who embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with an aspiration to develop state of the art products in portable medical instrumentation for the Clinical and Personal Healthcare domains. The company which hopes to achieve the convergence of embedded technology and medical science instrumentation; has been leveraging its industry expertise to build complete systems i.e. hardware and software as well as products in the embedded space to improve the quality of healthcare in the country. Yethimed accomplishes this with the help of an adept team of professionals whose sound knowledge and proficiency in Design Engineering and Embedded Systems Development & Testing, has aided the company in bringing products that can generate better clinical outcomes through bringing less invasive procedures with shorter recovery times.

“Healthcare in India is now moving towards a new space of innovation where more and more organizations are building apps around their devices to gain better penetration in the market,” opines Harish. At Yethimed, we have been focusing on both the device and service sides of technology to bring integrated devices along with App and Cloud presence, while also involving clinicians with a strong background and extensive clinical expertise,” he goes on to add.

Remote Patient Monitoring with Medical profiling Devices
With an objective to deliver the many benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring to clinicians, as well as an ease of access to patient data, Yethimed brings a number of multi-parameter, monitoring and medical profiling devices that ensure cost savings without compromising on the quality and safety of care.
One among these devices is Yethi’s HP700 Health Check Kit, a typical point of care device that has been designed to capture close to 28 important parameters including blood work, non-invasive parameters, as well as patient details and data, profile data and trend analytics. In addition to the standard vital signs of blood glucose, weight, temperature, heart rate, ECG, blood oxygenation etc, this device can also measure wellness and body parameters such as BMR, BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Body Fat, Cholesterol, hemoglobin, ENT and Dermascope. Moreover, Yethimed’s HP700 also incorporates clinical workflows to record symptoms, patient registration, history & trend analysis, image capture for clinical analysis, Cloud storage and dashboard analytics, and is also available as a smart phone app for complete data access to patients, doctors and stakeholders. Owing to its efficiency and flexibility, the device has been beneficial for a number of healthcare utilities including doctors that pay home visits, ANC workers, community health and outreach programs.

At Yethimed, we have been focusing on both the device and service sides of technology to bring integrated devices along with App and Cloud presence

In addition to its health profiler device, Yethimed also provides an E-Clinic solution that has been designed in close association with the Biocon foundation and deployed across 30 odd clinics. As a completely paperless model, this application allows for integration of complete data into the system for a number of activities ranging from registrations and consulting to initiation of tests, diagnosis and obtaining results. Besides being completely automated, these procedures are also backed by a wireless IT backbone that can facilitate communication with other software and medical devices. With the ability to handle close to 50- 60 patients in a span of five hours, Yethi’s E-Clinic solution works to provide high quality patient care immediately and effectively, while also eliminating inaccuracies that are introduced through manual intervention. Yethimed has also developed other innovative offerings such as Quiktherm, a non-invasive fever detection system for kids and adults, and Talk-A-Sign which improves the quality of life for people with limited hearing, learning and speech capabilities.

The Road Ahead
With a product suite that encompasses a wide range of medical technology devices, Yethimed has catered to a global clientele spanning across countries such as the US, India, Malaysia, Mauritius and West Africa and has built adequate industry expertise in this domain. Setting its sights on achieving greater milestones, the company has devised a well-thought out blueprint for its future that involves ameliorating healthcare in the US and Malaysian markets with its E-Clinic and HP700 solutions. Yethimed also intends to launch about 250 health kiosks across 7 different countries to improve patient care in West Africa in the next two years to come.