Celltick: Driving Mobile Engagement and Monetization

CIO Vendor The number of companies geared towards marketing technology has consistently increased over the years and among the different means of marketing, mobile has grown to become an important medium of focus for marketers in India. Mobile is increasingly subsuming the overall digital advertising landscape, with over 147 million active mobile internet users in the country. However, despite the ubiquity of the mobile medium, marketers still encounter challenges with respect to creating compelling mobile content in a saturated and competitive market, insufficient budgets, inadequate understanding of mobile user conversion paths and difficulties in merging mobile data with other systems. Furthermore, one of the biggest concerns facing this domain is the lack of a defined and standardized framework to measure the efficiency of the medium and the ROI from investments in mobile marketing. Recognizing these challenges, Maharashtra headquartered Celltick endeavors to address them with innovative mobile products that provide greater visibility, engagement and monetization capabilities.

Founded in 2000, Celltick has specialized in providing mobile discovery and engagement solutions to aid operators, OEMs and app developers in overcoming their greatest challenge of engaging mobile users while monetizing their experience. With offices in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S, Celltick is a rapidly growing company that drives billions of transactions annually for more than 300 million active consumers across 100 countries. To bring this about, the company licenses premium worldwide and local content from leading content providers around the globe, and then deconstructs and reconstructs it to merge it with relevant marketing matter. This material is then directed to millions of users, thereby converting large mobile traffic into rapidly growing revenues. “The key to unlocking mobile app monetization lies in creating more engagement and personalization,” opines Abraham Punnoose, Managing Director- India and Africa, Celltick. “Our product suite incorporates these attributes to provide solutions that are preloaded on the user’s device, thereby allowing our partners to drive an intelligent user experience, increase their customer retention and generate better revenues,” he goes on to add.

Interactive Solutions for Mobile Commerce
Since its inception, Celltick has created a rich solution suite with a plethora of offerings, the first among which was LiveScreen- a discovery and engagement platform with mobile commerce and content distribution capabilities. This highly interactive solution enables banking institutions, insurance bodies and e-commerce centers that are required to regularly update their customers, to send added messages and notifications, in order to pique their interest. Through generating active messages on the mobile home screen and infotainment services in mobile-friendly formats, LiveScreen has generated millions of dollars in incremental revenue for its users and is now preloaded on 9 out of 10 Sim cards within the country.

Interactive Solutions for Government Mass Alert
Celltick also enables governments and operators to deliver public safety alerts to citizens during times of crisis, through its mobile alert system- Mass Alert. Recognizing the need of governments around the world for an integrated Cellular Communication System with well-defined legal
mandates and real-time action plans, Celltick’s Mass Alert serves as a mission-critical system to quickly and efficiently deliver emergency alerts and instructions to millions of people in an entire city, country or state. While the implementation of these systems demands a number of prerequisites including a Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) and can be expensive and time-consuming, Celltick’s extensive experience in deploying its CBCs worldwide combined with a dedicated support team based across the globe, helps the company provide an efficient implementation.

Helping Brands Enforce their Presence with Start Magazine
In an always-on world where customers require brands to anticipate and meet their needs in real-time, Celltick brings Start, an Android interface that replaces the lock screen of the device and provides an intelligent next-generation startscreen experience, giving users what they want most when they wake up their phones. Powered by an intelligent back-end that identifies user attributes and tailors their start screen dynamically, Start equips users with endless options for personalization, and thus allows mobile operators, OEMs and media companies to gain new insights to better engage with users and differentiate themselves. Start has already 100 million installations and is growing by 5 million a month.

The key to unlocking mobile app monetization lies in creating more engagement and personalization

2 years after the inception of Start, the company looked to further enrich user experience and maximize revenue through content. Celltick’s search for a content based engagement and monetization solution came back empty so the company decided to design its own solution - Start Magazine. Start Magazine delivers a personalized content experience to its users in alignment with their specific interests as well as content popularity, while also allowing brands to enforce themselves in innovative ways and distinguish themselves in the market.

With 5M applications on Google play and iOs and 5000 applications added daily, Celltick identified app developers’ challenges and opened its platform to app developers looking to overcome low engagement and retention rates. Start Magazine allows them to integrate organic content as well as relevant advertisements into their applications, thereby aiding them in equipping their users with a rich content experience. One such brand that has benefited from the widespread utilities of Start Magazine is Xiaomi- a leading player in the electronics and mobile devices segment. Moreover, since its launch earlier this year, Start Magazine has also acquired over 600 million monthly page views and has been ranked among the top 20 publishers worldwide.

The Road Ahead
With a solution suite that encompasses the entire spectrum of Mobile Engagement products, Celltick is ranked among the top 50 news and media publishers worldwide and has catered a diverse clientele across different industry verticals and has built adequate industry expertise in this domain. The company has now set its sights on achieving greater milestones, aiming to bring solutions that can add greater value to its primary customer base of mobile operators and app developers. The company is also focused on marketing its Start Magazine platform and improving its reach in the months to come.