Cognore: Simplifying The Complexity Of Cyber Security

CIO Vendor A Cyber attack is a CIO’s worst nightmare. The proliferation of cyber security solutions with each targeting a specific area in the vast spectrum of the threat landscape only adds to the security challenges that CIO and organizations face. Providing further insight into the cyber security landscape, Mr. Sai Krishna observes, “While technology as a model has long embraced convergence, cyber security, unfortunately, is an industry that’s product heavy, fragmented with many solutions, each with a fewer set of features”.

As a result, organizations are left with no choice but to mix multiple products in an attempt to completely secure the IT infrastructure. Consequently, the cost of ownership increases manifold and a complex environment is created. The million dollar question still remains- Are organizations 100% safe? Unfortunately, NO!

RADAR 360° Sensor is Cognore’s response to the challenges around the complex environment built by multiple security products while completely securing businesses against known and unknown threats

UK based Cyber Security R&D firm Cognore, brings forth a rather radical approach, remarkably simplifying the complexity around cyber security. Touted as a first of its kind solution, Mr Chandra Sekhar explains, RADAR 360° Sensor is Cognore’s response to the challenges around the complex environment built by multiple security products while completely securing businesses against known and unknown threats. Developed by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in understanding the mechanism behind cyber-attacks, RADAR360° brings in the ability to replace the gamut of rigid solutions with no scope for customization, eliminating inefficiencies of time, cost and resource consumption on patch management and dependency on end-user knowledge of cyber security. Sai Krishna delineates, “The very Ideology on which RADAR 360° is built is completely opposite in direction and disruptive in nature vis-a-vis the current traditional technologies. The technology, features and value proposition are completely built on the core principle of protecting and profiling the GOOD core system behavior at kernel and OS level.”

Capabilities that Ensure Complete (PROACTIVE) Security
Elaborating on the solution, Chandra speaks of the unique capabilities and features that RADAR360° boasts of- The solution establishes a deep layer protection around mission-critical infrastructure such as Servers, End points, VDI and Cloud. As opposed to some of the traditional DiD systems like AV, EDR, IDS, IPS, HIPS, Sandbox, SIEM, WSUS, Hardening Efforts, VA, PT, SOC Operations which work only with known threats, RADAR 360°packs in the power to PROACTIVELY tackle anything from Advanced Malware, OS, Admin & Insider Threats, DLL, Ransomware, APT Attacks, Buffer Overflows, RCE, Chain Attacks, Malicious Programs to 0-Day Exploits and more.
Cognore Vs Traditional Players
• Disruptive Technology based on GOOD behaviour to Secure Servers, End-Points, VDI & Cloud
• World’s Most Ultra-Light Weight, Signature- Less, Patch Free Solution at 15MB in size and below 1% CPU Utilisation
• Completely Software Based, Kernel Level Technology ( No Hardware )
• Protects from Malware, Ransomeware, Buffer Overflow, ROP Chain, 0 Day, Insider Threat, USB Attacks, Data Theft, Phishing, Attacks, Powershell & Script Based Attacks, DLL Injection, ADS Attacks, MiTM Attacks, APT, Hijacking, Reflection, File-Less, Trojan Horses, Attacks, Registry Key, Websites Exploits, Cloud Attacks etc
• Key integrated features of AV, EDR, IDS, IPS, HIPS, Sandbox, SIEM, WSUS, Hardening Efforts, VA, PT, SOC etc
• Self Sustaining Sensor for Known & UnKnown Attacks with On-Premises Dashboard for Threat Intelligence, Analytics & Management
• A completely Non-Intrusive Sensor that runs in the background without impacting the current user experience and existing Security products

One of the major contributors to the solutions ability to detect unknown threats is the contextual behavioral analysis which powers the solution to evaluate the actions leading to the changes in files, processes and memory leakages, network connections, registry, USN interface, hardware and OS Configuration.

For organizations pondering if the solution will meet their unique requirements, RADAR 360° Sensor’s customisation abilities will prove to be a game changer. The solution offers customization as per the organizational threat hunt model and data sensitivity besides On-Premise, Cloud, SaaS and Critical Security Consulting. The first of its kind solution, once deployed does not require any further Patch management. This added with the self- sustaining sensor which keeps up its security shield without any signatures and updates, Cloud TI, AI and MLG etc on endpoints will definitely enable the organization to regain the reins on business-critical activities.

Interestingly, despite such heavy lifting, the solution brings in a rather simplified approach with an on-premise intuitive dashboard that provides deep analytics for audits, reviews and on the fly forensics analysis. Adding more to the list of unique features, Mr.Chandra, shares that the solution is extremely light with only 15MB size at a benchmarking CPU utilization of under 1%. Taking on an organization specific process-tree sanitization approach, RADAR 360° makes end-user security knowledge a harder target. In a bold move, the developers at Cognore completely recreated the fundamental core of the protection layer in C and C++. This ensures that the solution provides utmost security with least resource consumption at the endpoint.

Reinventing Approach to IT Security
Data and information are arguably amongst the most critical assets of any organization. Any compromise here could lead to irreparable losses. However, RADAR360° intervention in the cyber security space will give businesses’ a new perspective on IT security. Some of the mission-critical businesses where Cognore has been ushering in an environment of utmost security are Nuclear Energy, Aviation, Smart Cities, Financial Services and Government. As per Mr Chandra, the market can expect sensor support for Radar 360° for iOS and Android and IoT by the first quarter of 2018. Signing off, he concludes, “Given the disruptive nature of the technology, we are receiving tremendous encouragements from enterprise and government sector to deploy our new technology to protect their Servers and other End-Points in the way they never did before.”