Curio Technologies: Automating Corporate Travel and Expense Management

CIO Vendor Corporate travels are strategic moves, and hence inevitable. However, complex travel policies, lack of visibility around the areas that incur heavy expenses during corporate travels, inefficient employee reimbursement processes and manual processes make managing travel expenses all the more challenging. Moreover, despite the overwhelming availability of travel and expense management solutions there exists a long standing gap for a complete solution- one which can deliver the value expected from travel and expense management solutions; one which enables quick online execution of travel plans along with support for subsequent changes, delivers range of travel resources, pricing options along with travel policy compliance; one which can pull data from all relevant sources and provide a detailed report.

Bangalore based Curio Technologies brings a simplified approach while filling in the gap for a complete solution. Curio Technologies’ innovative platform is an end-to-end intuitive and user-friendly travel and expense management solution which automates the entire travel and expense lifecycle along with the provisioning of fulfilment services. Featuring strong integration capabilities, the solution is designed to make the adoption process easy for all the stakeholders involved in the process.

R.Ram Raj Karthick, Founder & CEO at Curio Technologies elaborates, “Corporate travelers can book with a click without worrying about reporting and receipts. Finance leaders can streamline processes, cut down paperwork and automate policies. Travel managers can ensure a duty of care while cutting costs without spending hours hunting for deals and discounts. Business leaders can get one-screen, seamless reporting in real-time without any new effort for IT.”

Rigid Travel Budgets
One of the first essential steps to keep travel spending under control is by aligning the travel budget with the rigid company budget. However, the challenge already exists at the budgeting stage where with no real data on actual expenses, budgets are set on estimates. Curio brings in a rather pro-active approach which ensures costs are controlled right from requisition stage with best options that match company policies. Travel managers are provided real data on the flight and stay costs which are then added to the travel requisition. This makes approvals more informed and accurate. Additionally, the travel approver also has the option to make changes to the itinerary list.
An exhaustive travel content repository and transport ensures passengers travel at the best possible rate. Real-time reporting and analytics on the incurred expenses enable travel managers to set efficient reactive budgets.

Eliminating Reporting Inefficiencies
Curio’s automation capabilities and user-friendly interface completely eliminate reporting inefficiencies and errors along with significant reduction in the time consumed in reimbursements. In addition to integration with corporate cards, the solution sources most data automatically. Curio also ensures that all expenses are automatically added to the appropriate travel report and attached to the budget for reporting. Physical receipts can be easily submitted through the mobile app which digitizes and adds them to the report. Any errors, issues or compliance mismatches are immediately highlighted. Hence, complete travel expense report is actually updated and visible in real-time and not tracked and generated at the end of the trip. Further Curio’s independent profile manager ensures all traveler-level detail is secured, encrypted, validated and synchronized with all necessary applicable systems.

Curio is an end-to-end intuitive and user-friendly travel and expense management solution which automates the entire travel and expense lifecycle along with the provisioning of fulfilment services

R. Ram Raj Karthick adds, “When it comes to policy adherence, Curio allows you to set granular policies at any depth of level and automatically ensures that only expenses that adhere to these policies are incurred, thus leaving no opportunity for malpractice. If a company is struggling to decide which policies to define or how, Curio's in-depth travel expense reporting allows easy identification of areas where changes in the process might add value.”

Saving Resources and Time
The aforementioned features and capabilities strongly differentiate Curio Technologies as a one-stop shop. The solution’s unique approach with a focus to deliver all relevant information in a single package makes it impactful while also eliminating manual process or those carried out through multiple partners. Signing off R. Ram Raj Karthick quips, “One problem that persists after adopting Curio is deciding where to deploy all the newly freed up organizational time and where to invest the savings.”