Digiets India: Digitizing the Education Landscape

CIO Vendor The permeation of Information Technology has transformed the traditional methods utilized to acquiring, storing and disseminating information. Digitisation and modern devices have reshaped the traditional forms of learning. There has been a paradigm shift from traditional learning methods to digital formats that exude convenience. Now, readers who crave for knowledge identify with eBooks and associate it to be a vital resource for knowledge. The ePublishing market is evolving in leaps and bounds. The baggage load is drastically dropping as more readers gradually accept the eBooks format. The ease of carrying multiple books at one place and different variants of eBooks such as audio, video, searchable content and adding up links is making it a more attractive trend among readers and educators.

In addition to this, the introduction of the recent taxation system, machinery & production cost and GST are making print books more expensive than they already are, making the charm of owning a print book a financial and environmental nightmare. The ubiquity of mobile, tablet and laptop users is strengthening the bond between the technology and eBooks users. There is a direct correlation in the evolution of technology and the escalation of readers adopting eBooks. Making a huge impact in this domain is Digiets India, headquartered in New Delhi, with their integrated end-to-end in-house content solutions and digitization services; right from the digitization of books, journals, newspapers to software development. Working with several organizations, Digiets maps out the customer's unique requirements and customizes the solutions accordingly in the editorial development for k-12 Segment, Data Monetizing, Composition and Publishing of the textbooks.

Catering to this domain, Digiets proffers a broad range of in-house services like digitization which enables publishers to seamlessly convert their titles into the desired file output, the content development services that are distinctively designed to support all the content cycle requirements of K-12 and the Higher Education Publishing industry. In conjunction with this, the company also extends its services towards efficient and affordable text books composition, art rendering services from a single booklet to multi-volume text books series or an online delivery system. The highly expert technical team with their industry rich experience diligently works towards providing impeccable software development and customized solutions ensuring satisfied customers that are constantly engaged. The company continually endeavors to deliver significant advantages and irreplaceable value to their host of esteemed clients and partners through innovative services and flexible solutions.
Essentially, the company engineers a complete portfolio of Smart System solutions including Data and Content Management Services. The team prides itself on delivering engaging digital content products to digital consumers faster and more cost-effectively. Endorsed by Prachi India, Digiets is the Information Technology and Content Services Company that offers innovative and Quality Global outsourcing solutions for Content, Conversion management, e-Governance, software, digital data conversation, processing and publishing support, Digital Repository Asset Management, Newspaper Digitization, Imaging and Indexing for archival System, Forms Processing, High-Resolution Scanning, Data Capturing (OCR & OCR Clean Up) and NIMAS Conversion are just a few of the solutions that belong to their comprehensive suite of services. The company prides itself on its production facility located in New Delhi that is spread over 50,000 sq. ft. and is well equipped with complete back-up/disaster recovery facilities. The facility has the resources and capacity to handle high volumes and complex projects on demanding schedules.

Digiets maps out the customer's unique requirements and customizes the solutions accordingly in the editorial development for k-12 Segment, Data Monetizing, Composition and Publishing of the textbooks

Exclusively catering to the education industry, the company designed and developed a product named Einkboard. This product is a sophisticated and robust replacement for the traditional overhead projector, teaching and training methodology. It converts a typical classroom/conference room from a potentially dull session into a fun and easy learning environment. It is a cloud-based solution which assists in managing training modules, content and logs both online and offline as well.

The educational digital industry is proving to be quite the lucrative sector with an estimation of more than $250 billion dollars spend by the year 2020 as per researches conducted by renowned organizations. The rise in the use of internet in schools, documentation, presentations, and so on is proof that technology is gradually making a place for itself in the educational sector. However, these innovative developments have to keep up with the pace of the ever-increasing student population. Enthusiastic about these positive developments, Digiets has geared themselves with the technological infrastructure and the manpower to take on this welcome change. Putting to ease any inhibitions one may have about technology replacing educators, the company firmly believes that education and technology together can transform lives with their inventory of futuristic products. With this strong belief, Digiets envisages expanding their presence across all markets globally.