Enhancier CX Solutions: Delivering a Complete 360 Degree View of Customer Lifecycle

CIO Vendor The type of relationship formed between a brand and the customer during the entire customer lifecycle defines customer experience. Engaging customers leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy that ultimately translate to higher business revenue. The cost involved in customer retention is notably lower than the resources required for customer acquisition.

While businesses may need unified customer lifecycle management, fragmenting data of customer which is a single disintegrated unit itself requires an amalgamation of the data points into a single data structure that gets translated into actionable BI. This actionable BI will enable businesses to seamlessly run campaigns thereby helping upsell/ cross-sell/retain/run referrals which then assure a better flow of revenue into the company. Also, actionable insights indicate the points where resource and process optimization is needed. This increases efficiency which bears a direct impact on both customer experience and rising financial returns. A broad range of businesses find that achieving signature customer experience (Cx) using disconnected systems is close to impossible. Understanding every customers' unique requirements along with deep industry knowledge is what Pune based Enhancier Cx Solutions provides through their unparalleled product Adura CRM offering a holistic view of the customer's entire lifecycle.

Highly Configurable Cx Platform
The configurable platform can be utilized for the customer lifecycle management which aids in efficient functioning of the core businesses applications. It provides clients with the flexibility to either acquire the entire product suite or just the required modules at each stage in the business. All of these comes at a subscription-based license concept that has the option of paying for what one can afford; quite an economical solution. This feature-rich platform offers a data structure that permits building multiple layers on top but still retains its original utility to deliver superior Cx and give business leaders actionable BI. Email response management, Ticket Management, Social Media Support, Survey and Quality Management, Sales funnel Management and Integrated telephonic system are some of the top features that belong to the product's comprehensive suite of services.

Tiju Andrews, COO and co-founder of Enhancier Cx Solutions, having worked extensively with customer-centric verticals for over two decades explains that Adura may be popularly known as a CRM but it really is a solution to the most difficult problems encountered while delivering quality Cx.
He adds, “We don’t focus on transaction management. We rather focus on the result so that an enhanced experience is delivered to organizations in a seamless manner.”

As India is becoming home to a highly mobile workforce, Adura has come up with a mobile version of the CRM. The company’s technologically advanced team continuously works on enhancing it to suit each user’s demands. For beginners, the app can manage both sales and service from a single view, both on iOS and Android.

In conjunction with this, Adura’s social media capabilities cater to social transactions and communication management. Tiju reveals, “Using big data on social media is on our radar which will empower businesses to run many outreach campaigns to increase business and revenue.”

We bring overall data model flexibility so that unique requirements of the client can be met without any development

Extending the company’s futuristic services, Enhancier has worked with a gamut of customers from different industry verticals like eCommerce, Technology Support, Car rental, Health sector and have been able to cover 10 to 12 different business verticals so far. The market may be spearheaded by e-com & m-com businesses, 60 percent of Enhancier’s customer base have been secured in this vertical too.

Blueprint of the Company’s Future
With a proven track record, the company strongly believes that the users will continue to experience an enduring business partnership where presence is ascertained at each stage of their business, providing them with technology solutions. Also, the company has perfectly drawn out their future plans.

In foreseeable future, the company envisions a bigger dedicated team to assist clients to use Adura to its fullest potential so that there may be a significant increase in the RoI of the product. With artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics, being regarded as the new parameters of CRM success, Enhancier intends to shortly introduce chat bots capability and also improve campaign management modules of the product. Rajesh Mallaya, the CEO and co-founder of Enhancier Cx Solutions, and a veteran in customer experience and communication channel platform says, “We will bring overall data model flexibility so that unique requirements of the client can be met without any development.” Continually striving to attain a leadership position in this domain, the company is confident of carving out a niche for themselves, in so far as Enhancier aims at positioning the company logo on every website that would read: “Powered by AduraCRM”.