iSON Technologies: Focusing on Customer Delight with Novel Customer Experience Management Solutions

CIO Vendor Businesses are turning towards forging better customer interactions through various channels in order to adhere to the trending customer centric approach in an effort to retain old customers and gain potential new ones. In today’s digital world, the call center space is a leading opportunity, and a powerful tool to cater to customers queries anytime anywhere and transform the image of a brand. The expectations from customer experience management solutions is the need for personalized and contextualized services to the customer with consistency of information through an Omni channel experience. The solution is required to be flexible with legacy systems or new systems with a quick response and at an economical cost. Founded in 2010, iSON Technologies are uniquely placed where the company meets all the aforementioned demands and more with their customized solutions of call centre interaction management with real time view.

Understanding that most businesses have a limited amount of resources and require availability all round the clock; the company has setup a state of the art NOC infrastructure that helps keep the availability with the largest uptime and eliminate other operational challenges. This infrastructure enables cost management through shared resources and remote support. The availability of skills and ever growing technology roadmap gets easily aligned with the centralized resources pool and thus help making and managing the solutions effectively. “iSON offers an integrated ITSM Process, cross industries best practices expertise, service focused approach and blended model of support for managing skill availability with low cost. This is what differentiates the company from other competitors in market,” adds Rahul Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer, iSON Technologies.

Bringing the Omni-channel Experience into Reality
Additionally, today’s enterprises have multi-channel environments and the various channels have been built over different stages of enterprise growth. This has resulted in a huge gap between the business process and system process which leads to inconsistency of information and availability of services.
Observing this, Rahul goes on to explain that iSON solutions are strategically customized to offer the single business process with a multiple system process interface to manage the multi-channel environment and bring in a better omni-channel experience.

Driving Change with Actionable Insights
A major challenge encountered at call centers is the influx of complex data that is transformed into actionable insights. iSON solutions are engineered to handle the complex environment with more simplicity. The core architecture of call centre technologies solutions are real time view and call of action which assists in managing the business outcomes. The eco-system has the scalability and flexibility to be integrated with disparate systems of information. iSON deployed solutions are handling more than one billion of customer interaction per annum with higher availability and consistency.

iSON offers an integrated ITSM Process, cross industries best practices expertise, service focused approach and blended model of support for managing skill availability with low cost

Given the ubiquity of mobile phones lately, iSON provides a tailor-made solution that has an edge over the normal mobile apps in the market. It offers the experience similar to a human interaction while navigating through the application over a smartphone. This drastically reduces the CAPEX and OPEX of an enterprise while enhancing the customer experience by its consistency of information.

Striving to attain a leadership position in this domain with their expertise and novel solutions, iSON is working on a solution to define the holistic view of service operation and make its availability for an omni-channel experience. The solution will assure a consistency across the gamut of customer interactions with the option of the specific customer’s history available at each channel. The solution is expected to be ready for pilot by the start of 2018.