ITG Telematics: Intuitive Solutions for Better Fleet Management

CIO Vendor For streamlining processes, monitoring operations, reducing human dependency, increasing safety and saving time as well as cost, a slew of technology solutions are being utilized by businesses today. GPS based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is one such solution. However, many players overlook the potential of such systems that can be rendered as value-added service for organized fleet management and systematic logistic operations.

This is where New Delhi headquartered ITG Telematics Pvt. Ltd., a supplier of fleet management and professional vehicle tracking technology, stays distinctive and takes a new turn in offering GPS based fleet management products and services. “ITG offers solutions in such a way that they should be acceptable to all across-the-board rather than just offering a supervising solution. We cater them as value-added services for the smooth functioning of logistics operations,” says Anuj Juneja, CEO of ITG Telematics Pvt. Ltd. Its G-trac, an easily accessible comprehensive Fleet Tracking solution, grabs attention owing to its capabilities in reducing operational cost, maximizing productivity and ameliorating revenue. ITG's telematics solutions have been deployed by Large Transport, Travel companies, Logistics companies, Call Centres, Schools, and Cab service providers.

Established in 2010, ITG Telematics offers a services portfolio for tracking specialized vehicles, ensuring children, women and students' safety, and reinforcing small entrepreneurs having one or two vehicles who struggle to get business on long-term basis. In this day and age, ITG, a trustworthy, technically capable and always available partner, has become one of the front-runners in India's GPS-VTS-IoT arena.

Anuj Juneja adds, “We provide value-added service to bring in real-time location and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), and facilitate actual connectivity between customers, transporters, and drivers at the last mile. Our data analytics solutions come in handy in clients' route planning, load distribution management, reverse logistics coordination”. It is capable of tracking and tracing real-time data from source to destinations and deliver temperature monitoring precision for cold chain vehicles.

With a team of equally enthused and professionally skilled young individuals, it has brought a lot of integrated solutions around RFID, BioMetric and Camera along with its GPS-VTS solution. “We bolster control rooms of big corporates with real-time data and analytical support tools, and help managers leverage our solutions. Besides, ITG helps entrepreneurs having small fleets, get associated with end customers directly while provisioning wireless device for real-time tracking of trucks that are picked up on daily basis from market,” opines Anuj.
Striving to Create a Competent Transport Landscape
Today, the transport industry faces a colossal number of challenges related to Route Optimization, Spare part Management, Man Management, Contingency Planning or On-Road Demand Support, Documentation, Command Centers, On-Road Support Services and Driver Training etc. ITG endeavours to create solutions with an aim to mitigate these pain points of transport industry. The company believes that the transport landscape needs to adopt systems to make driving behaviour, pattern, and route optimization more interactive. “Our solutions help monitor speed, route and pattern of speed on real-time basis. Most significantly, our solutions can raise multiple-alarms to pull the reins,” unveils Anuj Juneja.

G-trac grabs attention owing to its capabilities in reducing operational cost, maximizing productivity and ameliorating revenue

Besides, ITG firmly believes that operational costs of transport arena can be brought down once e-processes are put in place, downtime is reduced or eliminated, offices adopt paperless work approach and end processes are enabled with availability of information on demand. Keeping that in mind, ITG Telematics develops its solutions. Anuj Juneja states, “We believe that any organization which is willing to adopt technology to smoothen their processes, will automatically experience financial gain. Through our solutions, we have been able to enhance savings to 10-12% of the overall process spending so far”.

Bolstering Optimum Use of Data
ITG Telematics's G-Trac Fleet Management solution offers fleet reporting tools to enhance its clients' fleet operations. “Sometimes, the data generated through GPS-VTS solution is actually not being used at the optimum level by our clients. We facilitate data access at the best ways possible to support them for leveraging it. While holding briefings with our customers, we help them understand how to use generated data for their advantage” adds Anuj Juneja.

As Truck and Logistics industry still works through middle men and lacks an established mechanism to enable reverse logistics services in India, ITG aims to launch its “E-Transporter App”, a common platform for truck owners, transporters and facilitators, to bring transparency in the availability of vehicles, costs, payment terms and most importantly to offer more control over the actual movement of goods. From business perspective, ITG Telematics envisages expanding its reach across India. Along with its new offices in Guwahati and Tinsukhia, the company aims to outreach Arunachal and Mizoram. Furthermore, with Government of India's initiative to include ISRO maps as part of solutions, ITG Telematics aims at becoming a pioneer who adopts this new directive. Additionally, as India's telematics segment heavily relies on imports from China, Israel and Europe today, ITG concentrates on creating 100% Made in India devices.