NDOT Technologies: Digitizing Transport And Logistics With Intelligent Enterprise Mobility Solutions

CIO Vendor The enterprise mobility market is set to gain immense momentum in the technology landscape, with Nasscom predicting the global mobility market to reach USD 140 billion in 2020. The increased smartphone penetration, growing prominence of managed mobility services, and the expansion of communications, media, and BSFI segments are some of the key factors that are driving this growth. Furthermore, mobility has also transformed the areas of supply chain, logistics and fleet management, through optimizing vehicle communications, performance monitoring, ensuring the availability of real-time data and narrowing productivity gaps. However, while mobility has proved to be an indispensable tool in implementing operations for these sectors, enterprises still grapple with many challenges that accompany the usage of mobile devices such as security, data vulnerabilities, and complex application integrations, which prevent them from deriving the maximum benefits of the software. Recognizing these challenges, Coimbatore headquartered NDOT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. comes to the aid of these organizations, through designing and delivering intelligent enterprise mobility software to digitize operations in the Logistics and Transportation sectors.

Founded in 2008, NDOT Technologies began its journey as a web development company in Sunnyvale, California, and has since grown in leaps and bounds and transformed its business processes, to evolve into a mobility-oriented digitization firm in 2014. In alignment with its vision to emerge as a leader in transportation technology through bringing more intelligent solutions, NDOT has focused extensively on developing unique mobility applications for on-demand passenger transportation, and logistics and supply chain management, thereby equipping the industry with more efficient taxi and fleet management systems. “When it comes to businesses, mobility operations are less connected with the technology itself, and revolve more around the incorporation of the intended technology into an organization’s strategy and processes,” reveals Nandakumar Somasundaram, CEO, NDOT Technologies. “Our mobility applications have been designed to transform the transportation sector and help them sustain and succeed in an increasingly competitive, technology-driven environment,” he goes on to add.

Transforming the Transport Sector with Taximobility
The transport sector has undergone significant changes in the last few years with the advent of taxi apps and cost-effective solutions such as GPS integration and automatic fare calculation. Staying abreast of these transformational changes, NDOT has developed its flagship product, Taximobility, a versatile and cost-effective taxi dispatching solution. This software has been designed to bridge the gap between taxi companies and their discerning customers, through organizing complete transportation business requirements including management of fleet, workforce, and customers.
In order to bring this about, the platform incorporates mobile application modules for passengers, drivers, administrators, and partners apps, as well as features for GPS integration, automatic fare calculation, multiple cab-booking functionalities, storage of upto 20 destinations, preponement, postponement and cancellation of trips. Furthermore, leveraging the limitless possibilities offered by the latest innovations, Taximobility employs the GPS function to effectively locate taxis in and around the customer location and display the estimated time of arrival of a taxi.

With the capability to equip taxi companies with effective monitoring of fleet while also facilitating taxi users with an ease of taxi booking and minimized waiting time, Taximobility has created a record of over 100,000 vehicles with over 250 customers in the last five years. “As an end-to-end taxi-dispatching software, Taximobility merges technology intelligence with the transportation business, to deliver taxi management that is supported by high precision application attributes,” affirms Nandakumar.

Our mobility applications have been designed to transform the transportation sector and help them sustain and succeed in an increasingly competitive, technology-driven environment

Some of Taximobility’s esteemed clientele includes Taxi Services across the globe such as iBookRide, Modern Transport Lowcost (MTL), Roselimos, 512 Rides, Edison Car Services, Lync A Ride, Anfa Limo, Taxicom and Blu Cab, to name a few. Additionally, with a vision to bring a complete fleet management and distribution system, NDOT facilitates businesses with CerebroX, a comprehensive suite of innovative tools to track, dispatch and manage E-commerce operations. This application has been designed to equip companies with better fleet control through providing live tracking of fleet location, vehicle status, driver activity and multiple deliveries. The solution also incorporates growing innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data, to facilitate its users with the real-time fleet and driver information as well as analysis of large data to make crucial decisions. Altogether, through providing comprehensive summaries and detailed reports on various fleet maintenance operations, CerebroX helps organizations to overcome operational challenges and achieve improved productivity with a higher ROI.

Expanding Its Footprint
Since its venture into the Mobility sector in 2014, NDOT has established a stronghold in the Transport and Logistics domains. Through its innovative offerings, the company has digitized and transformed the modus operandi of these sectors, while equipping the industry with new-age mobility software. Leveraging the extensive expertise of its team of skilled developers, the company hopes to enhance its product portfolio as well as expand its market reach, through the proliferation of its Taximobility and CerebroX platforms, in the near future.