Orduino Labs: Harnessing the Power of IoT for Efficient Vehicle Tracking & Diagnostics

CIO Vendor Tracking of fleet/vehicles has been stated as one of the topmost challenges encountered by the logistics industry today. With the introduction of Vehicle Tracking solutions powered by IoT devices, a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) proves to be economical with real-time location of each vehicle. In addition to this, it helps customers to obtain any new developments that have occurred thereby permitting informed decisions which in turn translates to saving costs. Embedded GPS in IoT devices is already playing a pivotal role in transportation by integrating a gamut of sensors for amalgamating a broad range of parameters related to assets in various forms to improve the asset lifecycle. Believed to be a pioneer in the Indian GPS landscape, Odisha based Orduino Labs facilitates businesses with their novel product Lokate, the first Indian manufactured GPS based vehicle tracking, monitoring, and security system.

Exploring the product offering further, Lokate is a platform enabled, data collecting sensor portfolio which delivers business intelligence to vehicle owners, fleet managers and logistics operators to assist in improving their OpEx (operational expenditure) and CapEx (capital expenditure) along with an escalation in the profitability. It provides a live view of the selected vehicle on the map thus assisting key personnel to keep track of the vehicle. Vehicle thefts, improper use of the vehicle, unexplainable fuel consumption are some of the issues faced by companies in this sector. Lokate is designed with geo-fencing capabilities that have the ability to define a particular area beyond which an SMS update will be sent to the concerned authorities. This feature helps clients to keep track of their vehicle and valuables in in real-time and can act quickly if any adversity may occur. A detailed and customized report of speed, stoppages, idling, distances and other such facts can be generated to give a complete overview. This feature-rich product keeps tabs on the driver’s performance while not only reducing fuel and maintenance bills but also reducing insurance premiums.

With the ubiquity of smartphones, OrduinoLabs has developed a mobile app which can be configured with the device. In addition to this offering, the company offers a mobile-friendly dashboard. Striving for customer satisfaction, the company database of content clients finds the dashboard more suitable than the apps.

The mobile-friendly and easy to use dashboard helps the clients to keep a tab on their fleets and vehicles as per their requirements. Each user has their own secure and exclusive customer identification and password for
tracking their vehicles. The company has a proven track record of working with some of the premium clients like CSM Technologies, Spectrum Coal & Power, IMFA and the RTO. The Orduino Labs team attributes their success towards maintaining a loyal customer base to their strong customer-centric approach and stand by their word of mouth marketing rather than advertisements. Achieving a positive response, Lokate aims to be a leading player in-vehicle telematics with a strong focus on research and development. Mainly a data analytic software business, the company believes that Lokate will play an essential role in the success of the enterprise. Orduino Labs has a SaaS-based model for B2B services as well. Furthermore, the company has signed agreements with large wireless network carriers, insurance companies, and repair chains.

Orduino Labs facilitates businesses with their novel product Lokate, the first Indian manufactured GPS based vehicle tracking, monitoring, and security system

An emerging business in Vehicle Tracking Networks, Orduino Labs extends their services to a broad range of verticals with innovative and scalable home automation and industrial automation solutions as well to deliver impactful experiences. With the goal of exceeding client expectations by meeting business and strategic project goals that provide competitive advantages to their business, the company’s specialties lie in vehicle tracking, route analysis of the vehicle, fuel sensors, and onboard diagnostics of the vehicle components.

Envisaging the Company’s Future
Enthralled by the overwhelming response received towards Lokate, Orduino Labs is currently working towards building Lokate OBD, an IoT based predictive maintenance device which can predict the unplanned downtime in advance and provide actionable insights to the customers about their vehicles. This is achieved by accumulating real-time data like fuel, oil, pressure, and temperature. Keeping up with trending technologies, the team with their deep industry knowledge are presently focusing on newer technology adaption like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality.

Perfectly creating a niche for themselves in the Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand market, the company envisions expanding their business in the next two years across the whole East of India and have geared up to extend their reach pan India in the span of the next four years.