Reactore Systems : Delivering a Mining Specific Platform for Enhanced Operational Excellence

CIO Vendor Greater operational efficiency, reduced cost, enhanced revenue and optimization of resources are common yet important concerns across industry verticals including the mining industry which is a chief contributor to the global GDP. In enabling the mining industry to take command over the aforementioned areas of concern, software solutions play a critical role. Vijay Ganta further elaborates, “With the advent of the 4th industrial revolution and the drive for industries to adopt digitalization, a centralized, industry-specific ERP platform from which mines can drive and manage their digitalization strategies is not only advantageous but also mandatory.” The current mining software solutions’ market is highly driven by the demand for easy-to-use integrated solutions which brings in the capability to manage the myriad of stand-alone solutions which find their way into mining environments.

Following an intensive research in mining operations, Bengaluru based Reactore Systems, has put forth the solution, Reactore ERP platform. Addressing the challenges associated with complex environments that are created as a result of the disparate and siloed systems, Reactore ERP platform stands as a fully extensible solution that can connect to all relevant systems and hardware, providing a 360-degree, real-time view of operations. The result- an environment of visibility is ushered in while facilitating the mining industry with operational excellence. Vijay Ganta, who heads Reactore Systems as the Director of Product, delineates, “At Reactore, we provide scalable, customizable and integrated technology driven solutions which are designed to meet client-specific needs. The Reactore suite of products was officially launched in 2016 after years of in-depth research and development performed in conjunction with subject matter experts and incubation in live mining operations.”

Simplifying Complex Ecosystems
So what is it that enables Reactore Systems to tackle the challenges associated with complex ecosystems built with diverse equipment? Vijay Ganta tells us that Reactore Systems brings in an interesting approach whereby the data from the various equipment is incorporated into customizable formats and dashboards. He adds, “We have spent much time and effort into becoming integration specialists and the result is evident- Reactore can integrate with all types of hardware and software systems.”

Along with integration with disparate systems, Reactore also facilitates seamless integration with mine’s operations and planning systems. Create tasks, set deadlines and delegate required personnel, all with the Action Manager solution.
The solution also provides the management a full audit trail of instructions along with steps to be taken to achieve the task. Projects managers or end users can easily choose to track and manage operational performance in real-time. Thus projects stay right on track with minimum downtime.

Reactore ERP platform is as a fully extensible solution that can connect to all relevant systems and hardware, providing a 360-degree, real-time view of operations

Another key aspect that is critical for the smooth functioning of this machine intensive industry is effective asset management. Reactore yet again emerges as a champion helping clients manage all aspects of asset management right from facility management to vehicles and ground engagement tools with the Enterprise Asset Management solution. An intelligent maintenance module further boasts of predictive and preventive features such as condition-based monitoring and system guided, optimised, maintenance scheduling.

A Safer Working Environment
The R-Bridge proximity detection solution is a result of Reactore’s endeavor to enhance the safety and security standards in this hazardous industry. The solution leverages hybrid sensor technology and adaptive algorithms to mitigate the risks associated with collisions. With a detection range of up to 200 meters, the solution brings in the ability to detect proximate objects and anticipate collisions and alert the operator in seconds.

Co-existence with Existing Systems
What strongly distinguishes Reactore ERP platform in the segment is the fact that Reactore ERP platform is mining-specific, designed and developed keeping in view, the needs and challenges unique to this industry. The robust integration capability is yet another factor that strengthens the solution while also reflecting the firm’s strategic approach to co-exist with existing expert systems. What’ more, the solution’s customization abilities further make the solution an apt proposition in the industry.

With the implementation of maximum three months, Reactor has been witnessing significant demand from both local and offshore mining companies and suppliers. Currently, the firm is gearing up to transform the mining industry with the launch of a full-blown underground mining solution that includes deploying an underground network.