Stockholding DMS: Digitizing Business Operations with an Inclusive Document Management Suite

CIO Vendor DMS as a technology is imperative for organizations today as it helps them to manage tasks effectively and streamline the processing of their documents across all departments. The need for faster decision making amidst accelerated data growth, compliance, regulatory issues and the requirement of a contingency plan in the likelihood of disaster and security breaches, are key factors that are driving this adoption. Furthermore, with the emergence of the government’s Digital India vision, many public and private organizations are looking to improve the efficiency and transparency within their departments and are thus making a complete transition into paperless office environments. However, despite the many benefits offered by Document and Records Management, the implementation of these systems comes with underlying challenges of hardware and infrastructure requirements, data migration, integration with other applications and aligning of staff and organizational culture. Turning these challenges into opportunities, Mumbai headquartered StockHolding Document Management Services Ltd. endeavors to address them with a complete Document Management and Digitization Service framework, to help organizations move from traditional document-centric business processes to digitized operations.

Incorporated in 2006, StockHolding DMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, a one-stop solution provider in the Financial Services domain in the country. With its Head office at Mahape, Navi Mumbai and offices in 190 other locations, StockHolding DMS was established with a vision to equip the Industry with end-to-end services in the areas of Enterprise Document Management, Physical Records Management, Secure Digitization and Secure Document Destruction.

With a wide geographical coverage across the country and extensive expertise in providing secure digitization and storage solutions, StockHolding DMS has undertaken and managed a number of challenging projects for blue chip organizations from the corporate and public sectors. The company has also played a critical role in digitizing multiple courts and banks across the country with its in-house developed technology and services. “StockHolding DMS’ unique proposition is the end-to-end capabilities we bring to the table for DMS implementations, right from creating an infrastructure and scanning to complete document digitization and storage, through our strong in-house expertise,” explains Sanjeev Vivrekar, MD & CEO, StockHolding DMS.

Connecting Disparate Corporate Data with EDMS
In the past few years, the need for comprehensive, enterprise-wide document and record management systems has leapt to the top of most business agendas. The increased number of regulations, risk management, new collaborative working practices, and the exponential growth of email, are some of the factors that have pushed organizations to create arrangements for efficient document archiving and retrieval.

Meeting this need, Stock-Holding DMS equips enterprises with complete transparency of information through its modern Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) solution and Business Process Management(BPM) automation framework, that can help them unlock the value in disparate corporate information, and make rapid and accurate decisions to contribute to their overall profitability.
With more than 80 percent of an organization’s information held in unstructured form such as physical papers, text files, graphics and email, StockHolding’s EDMS serves as a platform to bring scattered business information together and make it available in real-time. This platform also includes a Web Browser Retrieval Application that allows users to capture, store, search for and quickly retrieve documents of any format. Through allowing information from across the company to be stored in an enterprise repository, the application provides controlled access to members of the staff, thereby helping businesses to significantly reduce the costs of company-wide information management.

StockHolding DMS’ unique proposition is the end-to-end capabilities we bring to the table for DMS implementations, right from creating an infrastructure and scanning to complete document digitization and storage, through our strong in-house expertise

Ensuring Secure Records Management
With extensive expertise in the key areas of digitization, StockHolding DMS equips its clients with a comprehensive transition program that involves Document Preparation, Scanning, Bar-coding and Indexing for the complete conversion of physical records and documents into electronic records. Furthermore, the company also offers Physical Record Management Services that are focused on improving the operating costs incurred in the storage and maintenance of documents.

Designed with sophisticated coding technology, this system allows the identification, organization and storage of materials in a manner that can be tracked and inventoried more efficiently. In addition to Physical Record Management, StockHolding DMS assists enterprises in the disposal of records that have reached obsolescence through its Secure Document Destruction services. The company which employs a number of methods such as shredding and pulping, ensures strict control and efficiency in its third party document destruction services, and therefore stands as a robust and reliable document destruction option for organizations across India.

Future Engagements
Having invested significant resources to advance its technology process and match the most challenging document management and digitization requirements, StockHolding DMS has deployed its services across a number of industry verticals including the Government, BFSI, Education, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Energy etc.

As document management demands escalate, the company intends to leverage the creative intelligence of its team and its state-of-the-art infrastructure to further build and strengthen its presence in India. The company is also en route to launching Virtual Data Rooms in the country for secure document sharing and management across different industry verticals, in the upcoming future.