Tata Communications: Securing Organizations with Sound IT and Cyber Risk Management Strategies

CIO Vendor The year 2017 continued to see an uptake in the percentage of cyber security breaches globally. Cyber threats are evolving faster than the counter measures that are being put in place to combat them. Statistical evidence points to organisations being ill-prepared to deal with such exigencies and a massive lacuna of in-house talent and expertise. This is further exacerbated by a reactive or a defensive mindset that leaves not only the organisation but also the larger economy vulnerable.

On an optimistic note, organisations have begun acknowledging the growing threat landscape and the need for a comprehensive, proactive cyber security program. A Forbes forecast says that by year 2020, we will have 6.1 billion smartphones globally; our accumulated digital universe will increase from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion gigabytes thereby increasing the potential of an attack exponentially across every single digital component.

With MarketsandMarkets suggesting an estimated market size of USD 33.68 Billion by 2021, managed security service providers are looking to work with organisations globally to ensure that their transactions, data and interests are secure in this environment. Avinash Prasad, Vice President and Business Head, MSS, Tata Communications opines, “Effective security management today needs to have a robust and strategic model which is underpinned by operational excellence in areas like threat management and incident response.”

A key player in the MSS market and a Global Tier 1 Service provider, Tata Communications secures organizations across emerging markets and developed economies against all known kinds of cybersecurity threats. Speaking of the firm’s position in the market, Avinash Prasad says, “Organisations alike are looking to optimise the impact of the combinatorial evolution of technology across the impact chain: from collating risk data to building smart cities and smart nations with cross-border data flows on the public internet and industrial internet. Tata Communications is well poised to be able to service the enterprise customer’s needs now and moving forward. We have created platforms that not only help customers manage their various tools but also deliver a world class service with visibility and best-in-class SLAs.”

Security Framework
The security framework at Tata Communications has been engineered to tackle the evolving and sophisticated nature of cyber-attacks irrespective of the classification type. It is embedded with intelligent algorithms of learning-on-the-go and adapting which enables it to have a solid base in detecting and protecting in tandem. This ensures that security is working against threats even before they become imminent.

Addressing the different levels of security readiness of various organizations, the framework delivers a flexible model of integration enabling customers to leverage the services to realize short-term benefits while simultaneously scaling to achieve their long-term goals of security as well. The framework is built to provide a safety net across both applications and network environments irrespective of access.
Risk Governance and User protection
According to several analyst houses, the burgeoning of digital identities and potential misuse of those, present a fundamental threat.With a full stack of solutions around secure access governance and behavior monitoring, the threat management solutions delivered by Tata Communications monitors critical layers of both user access as well as user behavior to detect any anomaly or fraudulent behavior. Working in conjunction with access control models, the monitoring and alerting solutions secure organizations at both external and internal points. When it comes to the risk and compliance solutions, Tata Communications drives this segment aggressively with solutions that address areas of assessment, compliance readiness, and compliance automation. These solutions are delivered through the consulting, technology deployment and operation teams respectively. For this purpose, the firm has architected a software framework for Risk and Compliance management which is modular in nature and covers a large breadth of regulations that need to be managed.

We have created platforms that not only help customers manage their various tools but also deliver a world class service with visibility and best-in-class SLAs

Thwarting DDoS and Multi-Vector Attacks
One of the chief security priorities for organizations today is protection against the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks which despite the many counter-measures deployed only seem to be growing in sheer volume, size, and sophistication. Tata Communications’ solution steps in with complete flex and offers cloud and on premise options. This safegaurds client from both volumetric as well as low and slow attacks through a network of threat mitigation and scrubbing farms that protect customers from global attack sources. The firm also engages in countering multi-vector attacks through the managed IDS offering which has been blended into the unified threat management of Tata Communications, thus securing network traffic both at points of ingress and egress.

Service Delivery Models
The aforementioned were certain focus areas amongst Tata Communications’ wide array of MSS services which ushers in a secure business environment while delivering complete peace of mind to leadership teams across various geographies. Moreover, comprehending the mushrooming security concerns around cloud deployments, Tata Communications has built its entire portfolio in a hybrid model with Security-as-a-Service being the primary model. Additionally, the firm has also developed its own MSSP portal which not only benefits customers with unprecedented flexibility in terms of the orchestration of its MSSP operations but also empowers clients with complete information and insight on the security front with extensive reporting and integration capabilities.

Tata Communications is currently involved in shaping the policy around cyber security based on the learnings across sectors, organisations and geographies. It is also nurturing talent across Asia to ensure that gen-next are equipped to deal with this as we move forward. These are extremely exciting times and Tata Communications is looking to build a safe and secure environment for businesses now and in the future.