Techvigor Software Solutions: Leveraging Innovative CRM for Improved Patient Satisfaction

CIO Vendor The healthcare landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift from just healthcare institution centred care to citizen-centred care with more focus on the elderly population as it is estimated to escalate over the next few years. Also, with strict government regulations, increased focus on patient safety and continual innovations in technology are essential for delivery of quality healthcare. Exceptional patient experience needs to be a priority; an essential parameter that needs to be checked off. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions have to gear up for this change and equip themselves to successfully cater to the customers rising demands with a customer-centric approach and ensure an inflow of revenue as well. One of the only CRM providers in India is Chennai based TECHVIGOR Software Solutions with their novel offering TECHVIGOR CRM that digitally connects doctors, patients, referral doctors, pros, marketing team and the branding team onto a single unified platform. It has the ability to track the referring patients and OP (out patients for surgeries) and better the communication between patients and doctors leading to high levels of patient care and satisfaction. Valli Elumalai, CEO, TECHVIGOR Software Solutions proudly adds, “To our knowledge, there is no CRM specialized for the healthcare industry in the Indian market that captures leads from every possible process and departments with enhanced patient care. We have received awards across India for innovatively developing this CRM that help the hospitals to increase revenue.”

Adoption of this CRM boosts revenue by 60 percent to 80 percent with an escalation in patient’s visits per day by 30 percent to 40 percent and surgeries by 30 percent to 50 percent. Apart from these advantages, it offers an increase and retention of the referring doctors. Digitally automating the whole process, major leakage of revenue is plugged along with setting and managing SMART Sales Targets from company to sales executive levels by revenue, by referral count and by speciality.

After sales support is yet another major challenge encountered by the healthcare industry; absence of which leads to losing out on referral or recurring patients. Built on deep industry knowledge with futuristic technology at their fingertips, the team at TECHVIGOR proffers a perfectly well-structured team for after sales and support. The company boast of a sales/marketing team with a technical team for Demo, Installation & Configuration. The massive team of professionals with their technically adept skills are divided into a customer support team for on-call and remote support, support team for remote technical support and lastly the development and QA team to take care of Bug Fixes and “Change Requests”.
Having invested vastly in innovations and development in this sector, Laboratory Information System/Radiology Information System is yet another offering doled out by TECHVIGOR. With the emergence of evidence-based medicine, the importance of accurate diagnostic results in patient care is critical, resulting in increased pressure on labs/ Radiology to perform efficiently. Understanding the laboratory and patient requirements, the company designed the solution to track samples in real time, improve TAT ( Turn Around Time), identify & automatically send abnormal reports to doctors, manage complex workflow with an increased accuracy of reports. Effortlessly connecting and automating multiple collection centres, the innovative solution also ensures regulatory compliance and delivers BI on Lab statistics and usages.

TECHVIGOR aims to penetrate and capture the Indian & South East Asian Countries healthcare market with their novel offerings

Assuring Better Asset Management
Almost every hospital claims to have invested time to search for assets when the same time could be diverted elsewhere. Within the medical industry, teams diligently work to manage a broad range of medical assets that assist in improving the prospects of visitors/ patients and healthcare professionals. Maximizing the reliability and efficiency of hospital resources is a key issue for medical institutions today. Catering to this sector, the company extends its services with their product Biomedical Asset & Ticketing Software (BATS). Some of the products predominant features include asset management, history card of the assets and maintenances, breakdown calls, gate pass, optimize inventory & reduce unwanted stocks, vendor contacts, ticketing, vendor management and business intelligence dashboards to name a few. The asset management module helps reduce asset downtime and increase asset uptime while extending the asset life. In conjunction with this, the product assists organizations to achieve compliance with requirements and standards for biomedical maintenance. Additionally, the product enhances the service request process, improves planning and productivity with a promise of greater customer satisfaction.

Taking huge strides in this domain, TECHVIGOR aims to penetrate and capture the Indian & South East Asian Countries healthcare market with their novel offerings. In the next five years, the company endeavours to become a 100 Crore company with covering a minimum of a thousand hospitals.