Verve Logic: Ensuring Brand Authenticity with Novel Branding Solutions

CIO Vendor This decade has witnessed a massive increase in the number of new businesses that have entered the market across every vertical. In order to thrive in this day, organizations need to adopt an intense customer-centric approach to drive their business. To achieve this, branding is an opportunity to establish and maintain an online and offline presence while catching the eye of potential customers. Businesses need a well-designed logo to make their targeted audience associate their company with their products or services. However, brand management and designing the perfect logo demands a high level of competency that is lacking in India.

In today’s digital era, companies must choose the right company to partner with that can assist them to reach their goals which can prove to be an arduous task. Perfectly poised in this domain with a skilled set of professionals is Verve Logic headquartered in Jaipur that offers a comprehensive suite of brand management services that help develop the finest branding and design strategies. To assure unparalleled dedication and quality of work, the company engages their team of designers with insightful designing speeches that promote creative thinking in addition to implementing the latest trends in designs.

Established in 2011, Verve Logic believes what sets them apart is the fact that the team promises a complete 100 percent guarantee on the uniqueness of the designs delivered. “In any case, if the logos or any of our creation gets rejected on Trademark application, we issue 100 percent refund,” proudly affirms Abhishek Jain, Managing Director and Founder of Verve Logic. With offices situated in USA and UK as well, web designing, logo creation, online marketing, eCommerce site and mobile application development services come under their umbrella of services extended to a gamut of businesses in various industries like healthcare, education, banking, automotive and real estate.

Systematic Procedure for Successful Project Delivery
Verve Logic has a methodical procedure in place to assure the customer's complete satisfaction post-project delivery. The company works with a selected number of certified and well-trained designers who do not compromise on the quality of any project. The process begins with the allocated designers spending time with the service seekers either over a call or in a meeting to perfectly understand each customer’s unique requirements. Taking into account the myriad aspects involved in design peppered with spontaneous creativity, the logo or design is conceptualized with impeccable attention to every minute detail. “We adopt a very traditional process of logo designing which includes sketching at first stage followed by the digital creation of the graphics,” adds Abhishek.
While designing is an ongoing process, the team maintains constant communication with the client so that the client is in tandem with every new development and can be more involved in every process thereby ensuring the client's full satisfaction with the finished product.

Being Mobile Friendly
The company has recently launched an innovative Android app called as LogoApes. Essentially the app is a user-friendly product that bridges the gap between logo designing companies and service seekers. Logo designing companies can sell the ready-made logos and ask users for scratch based logos via this app. In addition to this, customers who would like to have logos designed have two options; either buying from the already existing logos which can be followed by customizations or get a quote for scratch based logos.

We adopt a very traditional process of logo designing which includes sketching at first stage followed by the digital creation of the graphics

Furthermore, Verve Logic is in the process of developing a rating and reviewing model that contains companies operating under various domains. “This model has been planned by us to not let any of the service seekers be faked by any company. This website would allow users to drop genuine reviews, positive or negative, to let people know which service provider is good and which one is fraud,” explains Abhishek.

Apart from this, with the world going online, almost every business is turning towards this path to expand their reach. Verve Logic assists offline businesses to go online and interact with internet users to sell products/ services at just a simple click. Perfectly handling an influx of data and processing complex transactions, the company prides itself on efficiently developing professional, responsive and novel websites that enable hassle-free operation on a broad range of devices.

Understanding that almost every age group can be targeted via social media, most businesses harness the power of social media with the assistance of social media optimization. At Verve Logic, the company provides holistic marketing solutions including SEO, running ad campaigns and social media advertising. Focusing on the SMO offering, the company leverages social media tools to boost & sponsor posts, seamlessly handle customer interactions of the page, upload daily posts and so on. Perfectly riding and staying abreast the growth wave of technology mixed with creativity, Verve Logic aims to delve into offering Salesforce IoT solutions in 2018.