AAVEG MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Delivering optimized operations and managing better traffic flow

Ashok Vashist, Founder and CEO

The transportation market is massive and yet to grow further. In India, studies show that the car capacity is 1.6 people as opposed to 6 people and in busy metro cities like Bangalore, the traffic is around 7 km/hr in the morning. These are just two distressing facts that demand for better ground management in India. The government run transport and corporate transport for employees is in complete chaos and needs to be streamlined for better efficiency and cost reduction. There is also the environmental factor, the increased traffic’s contribution towards pollution that needs to be eliminated. But the transportation services are gradually upgrading, it just needs order and uniformity. “There is a need to bring about a standardization of service. Today it is very scattered. Tomorrow because of virtualization, newer technologies, infrastructure and people moving to better facilities, there will be standardization in services,”opines Ashok Vashist, Founder and CEO, Aaveg Management Services. Penetrating into this market and bringing calm to the chaos is Delhi headquartered Aaveg Management Services, an Employee Transport Management Company and pioneers in management of transport operations. The company facilitates its clients with end-to-end corporate mobility solutions, with specialization in ground transportation. It is the first company in the world to work on Employee Transportation MSP.

Better Utilization of Vehicle Capacity leads to Cost Reduction
“We manage the overall transportation activity. The client just has to bother about the SLAs; that the service has been provided in line with the agreement. Our endeavour is how to reduce the cost and the cost can only be reduced if you are able to enhance the capacity of each vehicle. Now to do this overall activity manually is impossible. That is the reason we have our own software, a complete ERP solution which manages transport for people including providing reports of each and every recorded moment,” explains Ashok.

The entire team at Aaveg has deep expertise in this domain having worked with several other large organizations. The team understands that
each corporate has levels which needs to be worked out. There are different permutations and combinations that need to be worked on. Once Aaveg begins working on the corporate space, the team starts off with conducting a user interaction. Aaveg understands the client’s entire requirement and builds the system accordingly. So before commencing the operation, the team actually does a regression on their data almost a month prior and monitors how it works. The company has to ensure there is optimization and continuous improvement in the services that it company delivers.

With the objective of ensuring optimum utilization of services, the user has to register or download the app and then he/she is integrated with the entire transportation system. Keeping in mind the safety and security of passengers as top priority, the team at Aaveg ensures that the user number cannot be shared with the driver and vice versa with their innovative system called call masking system. “So whenever you are calling the number, it is not visible to the driver and vice versa. The number is routed through our IVRS system,” reveals Ashok. The system is seamlessly integrated with the trip sheet number and when an employee calls up, the operations team knows which trip he is routed on and which car has been assigned to him so that at any point in time one can view the status available in real-time. Ashok adds, “Apart from that, the routing and roster engine is very robust, whereby there is an intelligence system inbuilt where on each day it keeps improving. There is improvisation which happens on daily basis.”

"We have our own software, a complete ERP solution which manages transport for people including providing reports of each and every recorded moment"

Incepted in 2015, Aaveg has already a proven track record where the team has worked with many corporate clients and has managed to curtail the cost to a great extent, to the tune of 40 percent. In essence, the team has eliminated a lot of wastage of resources without compromising on service delivery. In fact, the service delivery has gotten better due to continuous monitoring.

Moving forward, Aaveg envisions advancing into community commuting, which is a B2C exercise, with studies currently being conducted in Delhi, where the team is carrying out a study as to how many people move at what time to various corporate district centers and accordingly figure out a plan as to how many vehicles have to be there. The company wants to further dive into the traffic management domain by managing the government undertakings and converting the losses endured by the government to profit and optimizing the routes thereby standardizing the service.