ACRONIS: Assuring data protection with a hybrid cloud approach

Pasha Ershow, Acronis Revenue Officer

Digitalization is revolutionizing every industry as organizations undergo digital transformation. With the wave of digital transformation washing over, a full-proof cybersecurity system needs to be put in place. As hackers hone their skills, organizations are vulnerable to the increasing number of cyber threats and security breaches that range anywhere from opportunistic malware to highly advanced targeted attacks conducted by a group of financially motivated hackers. While most vendors proffer primary Backup and Restore capabilities, this strategy won't just cut it anymore in today’s time.

Moreover, most of the customer's infrastructures are hybrid. This basically means that businesses transfer some server workloads to cloud, leverage cloud storage and adopt SaaS solutions. Clouds are different and may operate in an intricate manner where the data may be processed by a public cloud app, stored in private cloud and finally backed up to a service provider cloud. This complexity urges the need for a single tool to efficiently manage data protection efforts regardless of where the data source or backup destination is, thereby saving time and effort and not losing track of any data in the process.

Perfectly poised to address these challenges is Acronis, a Swiss Singaporean company that maintains a strong leadership position in cloud and DR solutions where customers can safely and securely have their critical data protected and managed locally, in the cloud and have a DR instance remotely.“Acronis ranks at the top not just in the Data Backup and Recovery segment; we are leading in the area of enabling and providing Cyber Protection which encompasses Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity and Security for all our customers’data,” says Pasha Ershow, Acronis Revenue Officer.

While most of the customers'infrastructures are hybrid with the workloads distributed across various clouds, one is in need of a single tool to command the data and protect it irrespective of the location of the data source or the backup destination. Coming to the fore,Acronis employs a hybrid approach. Unlike other solution providers, here, customers and partners are not bound and limited to any specific cloud model. The company facilitates these clients with a solution that enables them to grow
their business and infrastructure, ensuring complete data protection.

A Holistic View of Data for Better Data Security
The data protection and disaster recovery is offered across the virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments all onto a single console where customers can gain complete clarity and control over every facet of their data security. The customer feels more in control of its data while availing the benefits of the solution deployed. It works with any data source whether it is in cloud, physical, virtual, applications or mobile where one can access data protection such as backup, recovery, storage management, monitoring, replication and retention. The data can also be stored across the public cloud, local, tape, service provider’s storage and Acronis Cloud Storage, depending on the client’s requirements and can be instantaneously recovered if need¬ed via data recovery, system recovery, system migrations from/to cloud and full-scale disaster recovery.“Acronis’ approach to Cyber Protection is by far the most comprehensive approach to truly address our customers’joint need to be able to have the perfect balance of performance, efficiency,control, and most importantly,security for their data,”adds Pasha.

"We are leading in the area of enabling and providing Cyber Protection which encompasses Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity and Security for all our customers’ data"

In conjunction with this, another reality that cannot be overlooked is that businesses are always searching to invest lesser resources while expecting a higher ROI. Nipping this challenge faced by most businesses in the bud, the team at Acronis provides a secure and high-performance solution especially in the cloud which assists businesses to address their costs and efficiency needs while not having to compromise on the control, manageability and security. These benefits can be attained by hybrid or cloud Acronis solutions. “Managed Service Providers are switching to Acronis from competitive solutions due to our hybrid nature, ability to protect any customer’s workload and ultimate flexibility and simplicity,” says Pasha.

Helping Achieve Future Goals
Gaining a strong hold in this domain, Acronis has been incredibly successful in expanding backup to complete Cyber Protection of customer’s data with its innovations such as Artificial Intelligence to fight ransomware at-tacks, Blockchain notarization of customer's data that proves authenticity and Software-Defined infrastructure that contributes to data availability. With technologies continuously advancing and groundbreaking innovations on the rise, Acronis is set to maintain its leadership position and continue delivering gamechanging innovations to the data protection market to benefit its large customer base and partners. This market has great potential and shows promise of development,so Acronis will continue supporting the demand and working on releasing more capabilities from their range of traditional products to cloud services.