BIZTRAS IT SOLUTIONS: Transforming BPO’s with digital process management

Remiz, CEO, Biztras

As organizations eagerly adopt advancing technologies and go digital in a desperate bid to stay relevant in the market, digital process management has garnered quite the amount of attention in this aspect. Digital transformation is taking the business world by storm as organizations do not want to be tied down by legacy processes and systems. BPO companies are taking advantage of this transformation and improving their efficiency. Better decision making, cycle speed, higher service levels among others are all eligible candidates for this upgrade in automation leading to higher cost savings, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

However, for established enterprises, adapting to newer technologies is a burden on its own. With organizations having invested years of employee time and resources in their existing systems and applications, the transition from legacy infrastructures is a challenge for them. Businesses need the right digital process management tools and platforms that can make this all possible with more agility and flexibility. The solution needs be compatible with all business environments. Whatever industry a BPO may serve, process efficiency plays a key role.

Coming to the fore is Biztras IT Solutions, headquartered in UAE and having its Indian office located in Chennai, with its novel offering Biztras Digital Process Management(B-DPM) Platform that furnishes BPOs with a never-like-before ability to quickly develop modern and engaging solutions that accelerate the flow of business. “Industry analysts are forecasting rapid and large scale adoption of Business Process Management(BPM), Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)in BPO's and hence we combined the power of these three technologies through world leading solutions and developed an integrated platform, Biztras - Digital Process Management Platform,” says Remiz, CEO, Biztras IT Solutions.

The solution is engineered in perfect harmony that combines the power of BPM, RPA and AI. With a completely customised approach, the solution addresses multiple business challenges while offering the flexibility and scalability to identify and solve a broad range of business critical processes. Catering to a spectrum of industry verticals, the solution can be deployed
across the Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Education, HR operations, Telecommunications and Media & entertainment domains.

Ensuring High Levels of Client Satisfaction
One of the renowned BPO faced the need to improve its operational visibility and process standardization, operational metrics and company’s bottom line. Biztras was approached and with its years of expertise in this arena, the client was already on board and trusted the company to help eliminate these challenges. The team at Biztras conducted an analysis and mapped the areas within the business that needed to be streamlined. First step was to adopt business process management to streamline the operations. Solutions were deployed to accomplish the set objective: cost reduction, accuracy, faster cycle times and non-invasiveness. The team helped the client achieve business agility, upgraded process visibility, higher scale of operations, improved TAT and SLAs, operational cost reduction, optimized productivity of users and ameliorated process visibility.

"We combined the power of BPM, RPA and AI through world leading solutions and developed an integrated platform - Biztras"

Leveraging Domain Expertise and New-age Technologies to Deliver Better Results
Established in 2013, Biztras offers an exhaustive portfolio of solutions and services such as enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning, big data and analytics, robotic process automation, digital transformation and opensource consulting. The solutions have been designed with the ability to meet the desired demands of each client hailing from any industry. Biztras was founded with the idea to meet and exceed the ever changing needs of customers. With a proven track record for partnering with leading global solution providers to design and implement process transformation and performance optimization initiatives, Biztras has an advantage that it supports organizations to accomplish more with fewer resources by implementing its cost effective solutions within the business processes. The company promises to deliver higher quality products and services, accelerate time to market, increase flexibility and responsiveness to market changes, implement sustainable cost reduction and improve cash flow, boost business performance and achieve greater strategic value.

Perfectly poised to address every challenge encountered and putting organizations at ease, Biztras envisions reaching even greater heights in this domain. The company strives to continue developing and designing robust and state-of-the art enterprise software solutions, helping companies ride the digitalization wave. Having carved a niche for themselves in this market and having geared themselves up for the future, Biztras plans to continue innovating and rolling out value added services and solutions that would propel businesses forward in their respective fields.