KOVAIR SOFTWARE: Delivering Comprehensive And Efficient ALM Solutions

Bipin Shah, CEO & Chairman

ALM is one of the most essential and critical component of successful businesses today as it speeds up the development process by connecting all the processes, helps developers make better decisions over the course of an application’s life span and reduces the products’ time-to-market. Hence, organizations are looking for an integrated ALM tool that would help them achieving this.

Catering to these needs, San Ramon, California headquartered Kovair Software provides a comprehensive Application Life cycle Management (ALM)solution - Kovair ALM Studio that connects all the processes ranging from Requirements Elicitation to Design and Development to Delivery and Deployment in order to make the entire ALM Development Lifecycle process better, faster and more efficient which improves the products’ time-to-market. Not only that, the product also provides an end-to-end visibility on the entire application and product development.

The stakeholders while using their existing external tools can still collaborate in a real-time manner which helps them make the development process faster with better quality. Kovair delivers custom configured solutions and applications such as ALM and ITSM which are configured on the Kovair application platform, allowing users to replicate their product’s entire lifecycle in the system.

Managing the Development Life cycle stages with a Single Tool
The Kovair ALM studio – an Integrated ALM tool helps organizations manage the various development lifecycle stages such as Requirements Management, Test Management, Development Management, Defect Management, Release and Risk Management.

The project teams can effectively manage and map requirements with the help of the company’s implementation of requirements gathering, parsing, management, traceability, base lining and intelligent reporting through a process-driven methodology. To demonstrate compliance and assure quality of the product being delivered, Kovair tracks the coverage and relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, defects and other related items of the ALM.

Kovair's rich implementation of Defect capture, review, management, duplicate analysis, traceability and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enables project teams to effectively and optimally manage and resolve defect. It provides all the information about a defect such as Defect priority, severity, category, defect status, environment, frequency, detected on, detected by, assigned to, resolved on, closed on etc.

The Release Management feature provides capability of managing different types of releases and provides the capacity of configuring and controlling the entire release workflow that enables users to monitor the progress of the release on a real-time basis.

Completely Configurable Solutions
With the unique capability of creating differentobjects and defining the relationships between those objects, Kovair gives the flexibility of configuring the solution as per the clients’ existing working model and does not change the system’s current way of working. Business solutions can be created through a codeless procedure but involving only the drag and drop configuration. This allows users to configure the attributes, layouts, and filtering through simple mouse clicks.

"As an organization, we are committed to excellence in everything we do and want to deliver the best products and solutions and excel in our services and support to delight our customers"

Omni Process Automation System for Automated Workflow
Kovair’s configurable IT Process Automation System provides a framework to define and follow software processes whether it is Software Development/ maintenance or IT projects. It consists of all features required for Software Lifecycle Management. The built-in graphical workflow designer and powerful workflow engine lets users define and execute processes spanning across multiple tools.

Fully integrated with Clients’existing tools
Kovair’s Omnibus Integration technology with its SOA based ESB architecture integrates and orchestrates best-of-breed, open source, legacy and homegrown tools. These tools can cater to cross functional domains like ALM, operations and IT. The integration capability of Kovair allows organizations to establish the entire story of ALM, PPM and DevOps keeping all the tool usage intact.

“As an organization, we are committed to excellence in everything we do and want to deliver the best products and solutions and excel in our services and support to delight our customers,” affirms Bipin Shah, CEO & Chairman, Kovair.

Kovair has partnered with the leading technology giants like Microsoft,IBM, Tech Mahindra, and Capgemini to provide customers with a wide range of integration solutions. The business products of the company are of B2B type and they cater to the software development industry across multiple verticals such as IT Consulting, BFSI, Defense, Networking and Telecom.

Scalable Integration Platform
One of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, with too many disparate tools getting used across the globe by different teams, faced a challenge of bringing these teams,tools and processestogether for more efficient delivery of software.

They tried solving it through manual processes but it was consuming more time and became even more challenging. On the other hand, the need for faster time to market with quality also increased. Hence, they felt that implementing DevOps could help in faster software delivery and approached Kovair for a solution.

Kovair with its Omnibus integration platform and its 75 integrations and the capability to integrate the in-house tools passed their evaluation and acceptance criteria to be the only scalable solution fitting their needs. HSBC procured Kovair Omnibus and has made Kovair an integral part of its DevOps journey.