Nutanxt Technologies : Re-Imagining And Transforming Customer Experience Through Innovative Ai Design Studio

Arputham Ganesan,Co-Founder and CEO

With deep market research analysis, reports state that the foundry market in India is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 10.08 percent between the years 2016 to 2020. The demand for metal castings has further been reinforced by the government that has shifted their focus more towards infrastructure development. With various trending technologies, foundries are transitioning from conventional and heavily experience-dependent foundry technology to a complete modernized one. Foundry is the backbone of engineering as we know it. Modelling and simulation are leveraged to attain a certain level of robustness along with improved quality and deviates from any metal casting defects that may prove to be expensive and a waste of design time.

However, handling such processes demands skilled manpower, something which India has a shallow pool of. In conjunction with this, the lack of technology up-gradation is the other major challenge restricting Indian market growth. There is a desperate need to bridge the gap between actual requirement and availability with experienced professionals and the right technology. The industry is still very volatile. MAGMA, head quartered in Aachen, Germany and with multiple branches worldwide, backed by 30 years of industry rich experience harnessed by a technically adept team of employees and high proficiency in simulation, addresses these challenges with profound ease with its state-of-the-art technology MAGMASOFT software, with the latest release MAGMASOFT 5.4.

The team administers a design led and engineering driven approach to solving customer’s challenges, starting with identifying the problem and how it can be solved using AI and then apply data analytics to get deeper insights into the problem. The entire research and findings are put together to map out a CX blueprint that can be successfully implemented. Finally, utilising the frameworks, methodologies and partners, the team measures the impact of the newly designed CX which acts as a feedback loop to the design process. This procedure is then used to measure and demonstrate the ROI on the CX journey of the customers.

"NutaNXT is accelerating adoption of AI and helping customers across the globe exploit the potential of this technology for business impact,"said Pravin Advani, Founding Investor & Executive Chairman. “We are excited
about the unique, integrated studio based approach NutaNXT is taking with specifically designed processes to help clients hyper accelerate their AI journey and Re-Imagine their Digital Customer Experience to stay ahead,” said Pravin.

" We bring in technology-based approach using AI and ML and then use technologies such as cloud computing for creating millions of scenarios to understand how a particular design element will result into good versus sub-optimal consumer experience"

Unique Customer Experience Approaches
The state-of-the-art Design studio innovates customer experience strategies, business models, product service value propositions, roadmap, customer’s interactive journeys and continually evaluates the CX solution in the controlled as well as real environment to optimize and scale experiences over a set period of time. Leveraging deep domain expertise, NutaNXT collaborates with enterprises and once onboard, solves complex business and technology problems as the team builds and adopts AI solutions, across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.“With our AI studio offering we partner with some of the leading data science platforms,cloud platforms, conversational AI platforms to offer an end-to-end solution to our customers in the fastest time to market,”adds Arputham.

The leading-edge Experience Design Studio employs "Anthropomorphism" approach as the very core ofthe AI Solutions Modelling.Demonstrating a human like experience, this approach has been engineered to assist the creative thinkers to transform and transfer human characteristics into a software product or a service. The cross functional design studio team boasts of business management principles, digital acumen and business transformation strategies. The team follows proprietary strategic Product Service Design Thinking Lean approach to make the solution more outcomes based.

Despite being a recent entrant in the market, NutaNXT serves a number of customers across a wide range of verticals. Currently, the company is working with some of its US clients to develop innovative AI products for the CPG vertical, and are in deep conversations with companies in the e-commerce and FinTech segments. In conjunction with this, NutaNXT’s key partnerships range from platform vendors, to large cloud players with specific focus on Machine Learning, Deep Learning models that will help complete its offerings for customers in the e-commerce and FinTech verticals. As AI holds a bright future in the years to come, the company envisions focusing strongly on cultivating its capabilities within the next year whilst continuing to deliver value added services. Furthermore, the company envisages increasing its global reach with US and Europe in the near future and establish themselves as the most preferred partner to help enterprises adopt and build AI products and solutions.