QA MENTOR: Bolstering software performance with cost-effective quality testing frameworks

Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder & CEO

The software testing industry is in the midst of significant disruption with the emergence of the Digital Transformation movement which has altered the way software applications are developed and employed today. As a consequence of these recent technology advancements, testers are under pressure to upgrade their software testing skills and adopt new patterns, methodologies and tools to keep up with the changing testing needs. Among the various testing methodologies, Agile Testing and DevOps have emerged as key drivers of growth in the software testing market, while Test Automation is being increasingly sought after for its ability to expedite the process of software validation, increase testing coverage and shorten delivery cycles. However, despite these benefits, organizations still encounter a number of testing challenges, particularly with selecting the best testing approach, evaluating and choosing good tools, acquiring skilled testers, creating effective collaboration, performing complete testing and ensuring test coverage across different geographical locations. Perfectly understanding these challenges and endeavoring to address them, New York headquartered QA Mentor partners with organizationsto not only provide costeffective, quality testing frameworks, but also equips them with strategic objectives, guidance and mentorship to ensure their overall success.

Incepted in 2010, QA Mentor was founded by Ruslan Desyatnikov who aspired to help organizations around the world mature their QA processes while also advocating the quality of testing. In alignment with this objective and its mission to bring superior and affordable QA and Software Testing, the company has been providing solutions with a focus on bringing quality to the forefront of software development. Today, QA Mentor stands as an ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20000-1 certified Independent Software Testing company which employs over 260 global QA resources in 8 different countries to offer 32 QA testing services across all time zones. The company has also established a strong global presence with operations in the United States, UK, France, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and India, and has created an expansive solution portfolio that includes unique product propositions. “While QA Mentor began its journey with primarily QA Audit Process Improvement services, we soon expanded through new additions to our portfolio and acquisitions, to emerge as one of the leading Quality Assurance companies in the world today,”affirms Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder & CEO.

QA Mentor's expansive portfolio of offerings includes core QA services
such as Manual Test Design and Execution, QA Performance and Capacity Planning,and Security Testing as well as other services including Agile QA services, QA Audit and Process Improvement, Test Automation Framework Design, Test Cases Coverage Review, Business Assurance Testing Service, and QA Corporate Training and E-learning.

" While QA Mentor began its journey with primarily QA Audit Process Improvement services, we soon expanded through new additions to our portfolio and acquisitions, to emerge as one of the leading Quality Assurance companies in the world today"

Optimizing Performance and Security Testing
The increased proliferation of web and mobile applications today has given rise to more competition in the market, with performance emerging as the key factor that defines the reliabilityof these applications. Consequently, the industry faces a great demand for performance testing with proper planning and execution. Understanding this demand, QA Mentor has set up an advanced Performance Testing & Capacity Planning practice that includes multiple facets such as load testing, volume testing, stress testing and reliability testing, to identify any weaknesses in the software or hardware and address issues when they arise. The company also renders Performance Engineering and Optimization services where the QA Mentor team gauges software capabilities, pinpoints resource consumption, develops cost/benefit analysis and evaluates the need for specific optimization, to ensure end-to-end performance measurement. Moreover, with 8 different E-learning courses designed to transform any testing professional into skilled performance engineers, QA Mentor has been training various different organizations, including Fortune 500 companies in the Performance testing space.

In addition to performance testing, QA mentor also has its own security testing practice which employs senior level security testing engineers to perform various security services including penetration testing, ethical hacking, functional security, network security, security assessments and cyber security. Another one of the company's specialties is its Crowdsourced Testing services where QA Mentor boasts of a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers from 182 countries across the world. Having access to this community of testers not only helps the company to scale easily and rapidly but also enables QA Mentor to decrease time-to-market, maximize ROI and provide higher quality end products to customers.

Supporting Advancements in Testing
Having delivered a wide array of testing services in the last 8 years, QA Mentor has built vast industry expertise and has carved a niche for itself in the testing domain. As a testament to its quality services, the company has received several awards and accolades for excellence in testing, and has also been named as a leading vendor at the European Testing Awards. Moving forward, QA Mentor has devised an elaborate blueprint for the upcoming year, where the company is set to release its new QA Auditing Platform as well as grow its presence in the Philippines and the Middle East. QA Mentor also hopes to support new advancements in testing and provide AI testing services in the years to come.