Sattrix Information Security: Integrating People, Processes And Technologies In The Security Chain

Sachin Gajjar, Founder

It was not so long ago when cyber security did not even feature in the list of boardroom priorities. However, the recent security breaches and cyber attacks have made it one of the top priorities and businesses are eager to invest in cyber security solutions. This is an important and welcome change, but the real concern for many of the businesses is how to realize the ROI of a cyber security solution. Sachin Gajjar, a veteran tech entrepreneur and ex-C level executive of one of the top public companies, sought to address this issue by bridging the gap between the expectations of enterprises to protect their environment and what was being offered to them as right cyber security solution. “There was huge gap in terms of customer satisfaction as well as the return over what customer invests in the technology. So, we started Sattrix with the primary and the only objective to provide technological Professional Services to the customer where customer could map its business problems with technology from the cyber security standpoint. This gave them confidence as they could get the data related to what they were investing in and see the value in their investments,” says Sachin.

Shortly after its inception, the company achieved the status of one of the first few authorized services partner of Micro Focus in India. Sattrix went on to forge more partnerships, associating with leading OEMs in the cyber security segment such as McAfee, Symantec, RSA and many more. By 2015, the company had expanded all over the market and was participating as a dominating player in the security segment powered by its Security Operations Centre based out of Ahmedabad. Further strengthening its position, Sattrix aligned its operations and customer data towards adhering to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications and got certified in the year 2017. Since its inception, the company has successfully delivered countless complex projects for giants in private as well as government sectors. Sattrix’s portfolio of services encompass Assessment and Advisory services, Professional services for Enterprise, security, Cloud security and Managed security services, all of which takes an integrated approach while ensuring quick ROI. With every project, the company follows set standards of project management with an emphasis on understanding the requirements and then providing the best solutions which can achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Addressing Every Concern around Cloud Security
With the ever-increasing number of cloud migrations taking place, data security and confidentiality has emerged as the primary concern. The cloud consulting services at Sattrix targets such pain-points which customers who are still in the process of the transitioning to the cloud as well as
customers who are already on the cloud often struggle with. As a part of this service, the company assesses and then designs, implements, and maintains a custom-made solution that enables the customer to leverage cloud for a competitive edge. Being committed to deliver the best cloud solutions, Sattrix has also partnered with AWS. In every project the company undertakes, it aims to bridge the gaps between people, processes, and technology to ensure there are no loose ends.

"We started Sattrix with the primary and the only objective to provide technological Professional Services to the customer where customer could map its business problems with technology from the cyber security standpoint"

A service that strongly distinguishes Sattrix in the security segment is the customer centric approach where customer can leverage maximum out of their investment. Developed after taking the nature and criticality of the data into view, the tool designed under this service seamlessly integrates into the client’s business architecture while efficiently migrating the data to and from different clouds as per the requirement.

While migrating businesses to cloud, setup costs can be high. In a cost-sensitive market such as India, this often generates a negative outlook from clients. Sattrix encourages healthy investments by keeping their migration plans predictive and handling customers in an adaptive fashion, ensuring financial security and justified returns.

Sattrix reigns as a provider 24/7 managed security services whereby the company takes the onus of managing, maintaining and enhancing its cyber security infrastructure. With emphasis on threat prevention, threat monitoring and threat response, Sattrix has also developed an automated threat hunting and response tool that leverages the power of AI(artificial intelligence) and ML(machine learning) using Big Data analytics platform. The solution predicts and detects anomalies while learning, thus ensuring safety on the fly. Aiding this process is the company’s Security Operations Centre(SOC)which continuously monitors each information packet flowing in and out of the client organization. Using different technologies and integrating them at the backend, the company puts forth strong defence architecture. The processes start right from log management where IT, IoT, SCADA devices and even non-IT, generic devices are integrated. The acquired information is churned for predictive cyber security threat analytics as well as automated threat response using different algorithms.

Strengthening Services and Geographic Footprint
Sattrix is driven by some of the best and brightest minds from various industries. In addition to their services, nurturing talent has been one of the core focus areas at Sattrix. Since the beginning, the company's leadership team emphasized on developing resource as opposed to hiring resource. Moving ahead, Sattrix envisions emerging into a global player in the cyber security and managed services segment. The company is also steadily expanding their service portfolio as well as its geographic footprint with operations in the Gulf region and the United States. The company can be expected to release their very own Intellectual Property in the market in the early phases of 2019.