SUSE: Responding to data explosion with open-source cloud technologies

Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, Country Head - SUSE

According to a report by Gartner, data growth is one of the leading concerns for over 70 percent of organizations worldwide. While a number of enterprises may already have equipped themselves with a data growth management strategy, shifts in data generation and utilization patterns are likely to result in unpredictable growth and unforeseen requirements, thereby making data management much harder than anticipated. However,Linux and Cloud Infrastructure Solutions provider, SUSE may have a way out of this impending crisis.

As enterprises globally continue investing in cloud, the technology is making huge strides, bringing about advancements in newer, underlying technologies such as containers and software defined networks which are critical in battling against data growth and their management. Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, Country Head SUSE, shares, “These are the technologies that will not only have an impact on the storage but also the type of storage.” SUSE, which is one of the longest standing players in opensource with over 25 years of market dominance, leveraging such underlying technologies, has developed the SUSE Enterprise Storage - an intelligent softwar edefined storage solution that completely revamps the storage infrastructure while providing enterprises with an edge with unlimited scalability.

Delivering Unmatched Flexibility and Scalability
With its ability to facilitate realtime data transactions, SUSE’s Enterprise Storage solution provides organizations with the much needed flexibility to add new functionalities, resources, and storage as and when necessary. Touting the software approach as the futuristic wave in IT, Rajarshi elucidates,“Organizations can add storage resources to applications dynamically and seamlessly, thus delivering enterprise grade data availability, scalability, and performance. The software defined storage provides universal access environment without moving the data physically. It ensures data is highly available, easily accessible and supports business continuity. On top of this, it also allows uninterrupted access to data in geographically distributed locations with zero downtime.” Accelerated data access coupled with appropriate technologies and adherence to the software based approach has further enabled the company to empower organizations with enhanced application performance.

SUSE’s Enterprise Storage is driven by the power of Ceph, an open-source technology that has been gaining immense traction in the market for high-
performance storage systems. What makes the company’s offering all the more lucrative is the fact that this is an easy-to-manage solution that is extremely cost efficient. As a result, organization leaders can transform the infrastructure without digging a hole in their pockets.

Reducing Unexpected Downtime
Moving workloads to private cloud brings forth a number of benefits that include security, performance, compliance and data governance. For banking institutions and financial service providers who closely work with highly sensitive and voluminous transactional data, these benefits have been particularly responsible for the exponential rate of adoption private cloud has witnessed within these sectors. Private cloud is another segment where SUSE has been enjoying the foremost position with the SUSE OpenStack Cloud. Automating the configuration and deployment of critical cloud services, SUSE’s OpenStack Cloud elegantly and efficiently extends support to data center managers by reducing unexpected downtime while ensuring that the business can access the key resources whenever necessary.

"SUSE’s Enterprise Storage is driven by the power of Ceph, an opensource technology that has been gaining immense traction in the market for high-performance storage systems"

Rajarshi reveals that SUSE, during a venture in 2017, acquired HPE's OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS), Cloud Foundry Platform as-a-Service(PaaS), and Stackato, HPE's Cloud Foundry implementation. Subsequently, the company fused the acquired OpenStack assets with SUSE OpenStack Cloud. SUSE’s Cloud Application Platform is a first of its kind enterprise grade, open source software that delivery team can leverage to accelerate application delivery. The comprehensive solution which runs on Kubernetes includes SUSE Cloud Foundry, Stratos UI, SUSE CaaS Platform, and SUSE Enterprise Storage.

From Open-source Technologies to Powerful Enterprise class Software
Operating through a strong network of partners, SUSE has delivered to the requirements of some of the leading players in almost every segment, including those in BFSI, Government and Enterprise. Of its prowess over the open source segment, Rajarshi says, “SUSE knows the open source. And we know what it means to be enterprise ready. We have repeatedly and successfully turned open source technologies into powerful enterprise-class software solutions you use today.” The company's enterprise grade innovative software management stack has played a major role in setting SUSE on the road to success. The company’s strength has been further calibrated by SUSE’s robust build model that enhances its abilities to deliver enterprise ready software by manifold. What’s more is the added security layer that rests on top, protecting the whole stack. While this is a feat that isn’t easy to achieve, Rajarshi accredits the company’s team of trained and certified engineers who bring in the ability to serve every domain successfully for making it possible. Marching ahead, the company can be expected to continue participating actively in the opensource landscape and enrich the enterprise environment with customercentric products and technologies.