Cimmra: Your E-Procurement Partner To Succeed In A Digitally Driven World

CIO Vendor As organizations witness a massive disruption in their business procedures due to the changing need of clients and technological evolution, companies now need to make strategic realignment of their procurement practices. To help take this trend in your stride, Teckraft Infosolutions, a specialty IT company through its Center of Excellence for Business Solutions - Cimmra, has committed to provide you with best-in-class, industry-acclaimed software solutions. With a proven track record of best services, Teckraft has built its solutions focused on digitization, streamlining, and speeding up of key business processes as per industry best practices.

The company’s Business Process Automation solutions have positively impacted a variety of business processes in many blue-chip corporates and multinational organizations globally. Its domain expertise in diverse IT management functions such as the setup and management of IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Computing, MessagingCollaboration-Workflow Automation Systems and Business Process Automation, Web-based Technologies, and AnyWhere Computing, as well as its excellent technical prowess, has offered higher profitability to its clients since over two decades of its existence. But over the past decade, Teckraft Infosolutions’ choice of focus has been on Upstream Supply Chain and Enterprise Spend Management. This resulted in the development of Cimmra eProcurement Suite and has been implemented in a number of heavy-usage companies.

Comprehensivity of the Cimmra eProcurement Suite
The Cimmra ePS is a versatile solution suite designed to work synchronized with any ERP, be it of global standard or custom-built. A slew of seamlessly interconnected functionality modules that make up the solution suite that covers the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle and more. The Cimmra ePS also comes with a full-fledged Supplier Management module and a very versatile Vendor Portal that’s packed with a number of supplier self-service features. Moreover, for unattended negotiations and automated price discovery, the Cimmra ePS also comes with the Cimmra Auctions platform included, with globally popular approaches like Standard (English), Dutch, Japanese and Vickrey auctions in Reverse and Forward modes for procurement and disposal.

The Cimmra ePS has not only kept up pace with the needs of the global industry but is most suitably relevant in the post-Covid19 business world. Moreover, its extended functionalities like the PR Handling, Delivery, and Settlement work through a base platform nerve center which makes them work seamlessly. This gives an organization the option to either implement the whole suite in one project or go for a staggered implementation with a few chosen functionality modules first and then scale up to the whole suite in stages. Teckraft’s niche clientele helped the Cimmra ePS evolve as a global-level solution it is today and has been found immensely useful for the digitization, streamlining and automation of their upstream supply chain management by many organizations of global enterprise stature. The Cimmra ePS is also being implemented for major industry leaders in different countries of the APAC region.
“Diverse industry grooming and exposure to global best practices and implementation of software systems for industry leaders who always seek the best, helped build a culture in Teckraft’s management that strives for excellence and never settles for mediocrity,” says Sameer Ahmed, CEO of Teckraft.

Winning Trust Across Industries
Since its inception, Teckraft has had the opportunity to be the strategic IT partner for an enviable line-up of industry verticals like Manufacturing, BFSI, FMCG, F&B, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Electricals, Construction, Engineering and Discrete Manufacturing, Gems and Jewelry, International and Domestic Distribution, IT Enabled Services, Art Galleries and Clubs in India and overseas. Its ease of use, intuitive interface, extensive intelligent automation, several productivity-enhancing features along with its flexibility, scalability, and integrability distinguishes the Cimmra ePSfrom the rest of its competitors in the segment. Besides being a favoured technology partner for IT in over 75 global organizations, Teckraft has also worked to effectively automate several business processes. The company has worked with some of the world’s largest drug manufacturing companies, a global super brand in construction adhesives and art materials, a global super brand in electrical and electronic life solutions, one of India’s largest private insurance conglomerates, a leading ITES company in the Middle East, a super brand in food and beverages, and also with several BFSI organizations in India.

The Cimmra ePS is a versatile solution suite designed to work synchronized with any ERP, be it of global standard or custom-built

Speaking of BFSI, while the implementation of the Cimmra ePS for the globally significant insurance conglomerate is going live immediately, a slew of other insurance and BFSI companies have also evaluated and found it suitable for their organizations, as it is fully compliant to applicable security and standards.

The team behind the Cimmra ePSis led by industry-groomed domain knowledge experts and technology stalwarts from varied multinationals with a combined senior management experience of more than 140 years. Moreover, the company’s techno-functional leadership in the design, development, testing, and implementation have a combined experience wealth of more than 350 years, which has not only introduced the world-class Cimmra eProcurement Suite but also forays into the global industry armed with confidence stemming from trust and proven track record. “The company draws well on its strengths of crossfunctional domain expertise in diverse industry verticals,” adds Suntosh Mankodi, their Chief Marketing Officer.

Teckraft aims to increase the footprint of Cimmra ePS in international markets through a strong channel partner ecosystem and also venturing into other support areas for upstream supply chain management and professionals involved in the field. The company is also planning to add managed service components to the Cimmra eProcurement Suite’s spend management solution.