Kalpins: Connecting Customers On A Deeper Level

CIO Vendor Businesses set foot on their digital journey but find themselves stranded due to disparate marketing services offered by third party vendors. Businesses had to hire and co-ordinate with multiple agencies to achieve their marketing objectives. Sure there are individual services to every touchpoint, but there is only a handful to no, complete solution. A group of industry experts came together and sought to solve this bottleneck. Thus, Kalpins was born in 2015. The foundation to Kalpins was laid with the intent to provide ambitious growthoriented companies end-to-end data-driven marketing solutions.

Explaining the changing dynamics in the industry, Sonu Sukumaran, Co-Founder & Director of Kalpins says, “Over the years the definition of marketing has changed tremendously. From print ads to influencer marketing, it has come a long way and it continues to evolve each day. Modern marketing leverages data analytics, human psychology, and creative branding to give a business the results that they deserve. We are competent and committed to blending advanced sales and growth-oriented marketing with engaging creativity to build profitable brands.”

Kalpins is a full-service digital marketing agency comprising marketing, media, design, development, and communication specialists who are eager to create engaging experiences for businesses and their target audience. Kalpins specializes in Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Digital Branding, and Lead Generation via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Kalpins is a premium performance marketing agency focusing on the holistic growth and sustainable success of our clients.

The firm proactively integrates the latest technology with modern marketing strategies to create narratives which attract, excite and engage. Taking a comprehensive approach, Kalpins offers a wide range of services ranging from website development, branding, press releases, product development and much more. Interestingly, 75 percent of Kalpins’ clients have grown their business and achieved consistent returns even during the lockdown.

As mentioned earlier, services in silos often lead the businesses into a dilemma in the long run. Kalpins, however, is observant of the situation. “While offering these services we understand, our individual services are meaningful only if they align with the long term vision, growth and purpose of our clients. Thus we specialize in solving problems, addressing pain points and providing holistic marketing solutions”, adds Gaurav Bhagat, Operations Head, Kalpins.
Kalpins firmly believes that the time for generic marketing has passed. Today, marketing must reflect the unique ideas of brands and should be tailored to the preferences of the target demographic. The expert panel at Kalpins focuses on understanding the pain points of the client and delivering customized digital marketing solutions that guarantee results. Kalpins engages with every client as an extension of the company, thereby adding value to the client’s business, and improving the way they work. Sonu adds, “Our clients’ growth is our priority. We customize our services according to their unique business needs and maximize their ROI”.

The expert panel at Kalpins focuses on understanding the pain points of the client and delivering customized digital marketing solutions that guarantee results

Helping Businesses Achieve Sustainable Growth
Kalpins caters to Manufacturing, Real Estate, Outsourcing, and B2B, among other industries and also provides Personal Branding services to dynamic individuals. Each category requires industry-specific targeting and marketing. Kalpins’ strength is to acquire customers for its clients through the digital medium. Beating all odds during the challenging times, Kalpins’ psychology-based targeting and full-funnel optimization helped the firm to generate huge volumes of business for all its clients. Kalpins is driven by a team of industry experts in respective domain. Right from marketing, media, design, development, and communication, Kalpins has specialists who are eager to create engaging experiences for the target demographic of the clients.

Kalpins works towards increasing its client’s revenue through digital marketing. Sonu says, “A new world needs new ideas which are profitable and responsible at the same time. We want to design a better world by helping businesses which make a difference and achieve sustainable growth”. The approach to business at Kalpins is to challenge norms, experiment, and innovate, to ensure every business achieves their organizational goals and rapidly scale to accomplish desired growth. Kalpins marries ethics with excellence to create new opportunities and build long-lasting relationships which can inspire the market and the culture.

Growing at rate of 400 percent YoY, Kalpins further plans to continue improving its reach and operations in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Irrespective of the pushback due to pandemic, Kalpins endures to keep the momentum and soar higher with efficient and comprehensive services.