Orisenc Technologies: Technology Partner In Arms To Beat The Pandemic Blues

CIO Vendor India is turning into a data rich country with increasing digitization in the form of internet penetration, increased mobility and convergence, growth of ecommerce and digital payment, data localization, advent of new age technologies, among others. However, this proliferation of data has subsequently increased the demand for efficient, reliable and robust infrastructure solutions which can aid businesses in storing the heaps of data being generated today. Prior to this year when COVID-19 pandemic was sweeping across the world, enterprises faced a lot of difficult challenges where they had to quickly adapt their business and workforce to comply with “safer at home” orders, or risk shutting their doors forever. IT teams swiftly cobbled solutions to enable remote work and ensure business continuity. With the pandemic situation turning into extended periods of disruption, companies are forced to rethink almost every aspect of the business.

Orisenc Technologies, a next-gen IT Infrastructure and Cloud Specialist, is a suited partner for companies to handle the short and long-term IT challenges. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) can help organizations react more effectively during emergencies. The company found that many of the CTO and CIOs reported that developing or refining their business continuity or resiliency plan in response to COVID-19 was “enormously challenging” and ultimately “not successful.” Whether they lacked a robust strategy prior to the pandemic or had to adapt an existing plan on the fly. Financial services and IT enterprises found this change especially challenging.

However, the firm offers a pandemic readiness workshop, conducting remotely to assess current state, gaps, risks, constraints, goals and planned strategies to its clients. Orisenc has proposed ways to help accelerate remediation initiatives such as Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Scaling up of IT usage. In the initial phase, the IT response was reactive. Organizations scrambled to acquire or adapt solutions, more often than not, an imperfect or incomplete solution was better than nothing. Currently, the organization is entering a phase where the IT response can be more reflective as IT professionals re-evaluate the new or adapted solutions as well as develop strategies for what they need to do next. Finally, there is the future state, perhaps best described as the new normal, where IT professionals considers how COVID-19 may be changing enterprise IT for good.
Furthermore, most of the enterprise organizations are starting to think about returning to work with the new normal making the physical spaces safe for employees, customers, clients and implementing the digital solutions to serve employees and customers who choose to stay at home indefinitely. Given the enormity of this burden, Orisenc Technologies is helping its clients to understand the immediate and lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on enterprise IT. “To our surprise over half of them were not at all prepared to handle IT business changes as a result of the pandemic. In fact, when asked to name the biggest lesson of their COVID-19 experience this far, majority of around 75% of our clients mentioned “readiness” in some form, with “always be ready for the worst” being a common refrain signifies Uma R, Director at Orisenc Technologies.

Moreover, in the reactive state, for many of the clients the IT budgets were increased. Yet, few of them mentioned that they need to have more flexible budgets, suggesting that IT budgets did not grow as much as shift in this initial phase of the pandemic. Given that cash conservation and liquidity continue to be imperatives across many enterprise organizations in the era of COVID-19, IT professionals are seeing funds re-allocated to them in the short term for urgent fixes as opposed to receiving more funds overall for future digital transformation initiatives.

Orisenc has proposed ways to help accelerate remediation initiatives such as Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Scaling up of IT usage

Significantly, the ability to work remotely was a top priority during this reactive period. Over half of the CTOs reported needing to manage or implement user enablement and support for remote workers. In the scope of the pandemic, delays related to remote work were relatively shortlived, but the topic remains on the top of mind for CIOs, mentioning the ongoing need for it as the biggest take away from their experience this far. COVID-19 caught everyone, including the business sector, off guard and enterprises leaned heavily on IT teams to help them react quickly. New or adapted IT solutions were put in place to ensure remote work as quickly and securely as possible. Orisenc not only supports the customer in storing data, but also manage, protect, secure it and drive business value from the data. “Every enterprise that made it through the initial storm still has a lot to navigate moving forward. Orisenc is readily available to be your steering arm through this” concludes Rajaram R, Head of Customer Success, Orisenc Technologies.