Cavisson Systems: The Lock Stock & Barrel Of Application Performance Engineering

CIO Vendor For the last 50 years or so, software architecture and application hosting models have experienced major transformation from mainframes to microservices and serverless. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, mainframes were the way of computing. With each passing decade the architecture evolved and along with it, the complexities. The ’90s saw the coming of monolithic that describes a single-tiered software application in which different components combined into a single program from a single platform. The noughties welcomed cloud and therefore cloud enabled applications, with its own set of dependencies. Fast forward to current day & age, cloud native apps are ubiquitous with microservices based approach. Over the years, as the software architecture evolved, the medium to conduct business grew more complex than ever. To ensure businesses stand the test of times, it is important for them to stand the test for quality performance and availability on realistic truthful production specific scenarios.

Cavisson is a leading full-stack software provider of application performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics technology. The firm works closely with some of the world’s leading brands to enable revenue growth and profitability by ensuring maximum quality performance and availability of clients’ mission critical applications.

12 years back, a team of industry professionals came together in Santa Clara to brainstorm challenges on working with existing performance engineering products and their inabilities to address specific business problems. After long hours and days exchanging ideas, the group found their common interest to work on a comprehensive Application Performance Engineering technology. The group laid out a blueprint as to ‘what should be the product of the future?’. After having the idea, design, and architecture of the product laid out, the team decided to establish a development team in India. Soon after, Cavisson Systems got its first 2 customers, who also happened to be a part of Fortune 500 companies.

Addressing Application Performance Issues with No Loose Ends
Cavisson is an exceptional full stack application performance engineering company. The company essentially has 2 ranges of offerings, one is dedicated for application performance testing, while the other caters to the application performance monitoring and diagnostics. In both the domains, Cavisson has put forth multiple software for performance testing, load testing, capacity analysis, client-side testing (real browser use testing), availability testing and real device testing. These products also enable site reliability engineering commonly known as resilience testing. NetStorm is the umbrella product housing all the aforementioned features. NetStorm allows simulating a lot of production specific elements within client’s test environment in order to induce production specific issues early in the application lifecycle.

Service Virtualization is a comprehensive offering that mimics or virtualizes any 3rd party production, or API. In an instance where client’s application is in test environment and has a dependency on a 3rd party service, the client seeks to have a control on his own test environment. Thus, the client needs to virtualize that service and eliminate that dependency on the 3rd party service. Cavisson’s NetOcean fits well in such a requirement with its capability to mock that 3rd party service. It will also bring in realism of production specific element to allow the client to
recreate prediction specific scenario within his test environment. Netstorm also brings in shift-left capabilities enabling 100% automation on the performance testing initiatives.

Cavisson’s NetCloud is basically a cloud or SaaS based service version of NetStorm. It resides on cloud and assists in performance testing as the entire load generated resides on cloud and the user does not need to install anything on the premises or infrastructure.

Fixing the Performance Issues at the Core
Monitoring and diagnostics are supported by 3 products. For infrastructure monitoring, or application performance monitoring, Cavisson’s NetDiagnostics provides the capability to monitoring servers, systems, app servers, web servers, database servers and other infrastructure components such as routers, firewall, switch, and load balancer etc. within the enterprise. It provides real-time insights into the performance of all these components.

In a situation where any performance issue on any of the components is going to affect the revenue or profitability of the business, the product does the monitoring and alters in real-time. This product is applicable to monitoring both the production and the test environment. As NetDiagnostics has a native integration with NetStorm, client not only has test generation capability, but also has in-depth monitoring capability in the single product, within his test environment. This is how NetDiagnostics brings in the diagnostics capability and allows users to drill down to the root cause of any performance issue.

Cavisson intends to address the performance challenges of today and at the same time keep innovating with the customers to design technologies that can address the challenges of application engineering for tomorrow

Cavisson’s NetVision is a customer experience management product that captures user experience and notifies in real-time about any event that occurred on the client site. It encloses online customer experience management features and real-time user monitoring, which provides the page performance details, and synthetic monitoring that allows testing the application even when there is light or no traffic.

All these products are standalone enterprise components. Cavisson has designed these products so that they can seamlessly integrate with each other. The UI for all the products is uniform with a unified dashboard. There is minimal learning curve required to use the products. It provides unified end to end monitoring.

Troubleshooting Today & Envisioning Tomorrow
Cavisson’s is at pace with the changing dynamics of business needs. The rise of new age technologies like AI, ML and Big Data are well absorbed in Cavisson’s products. “Cavisson intends to address the performance challenges of today and at the same time keep innovating with the customers to design technologies that can address the challenges of application engineering for tomorrow”, concludes Anil Kumar, Founder, Chairman & CTO, Cavisson Systems.