Finonyx: Excellence - Expertise - Experience

CIO Vendor Indian Banking Sector is one of the reasons for massive growth in the Global Core Banking space, with the adoption and large-scale use of API-based Payment Applications. Today, Banks are thinking and acting like Technology companies by constantly re-investing and pleasing their customers. Core Banking Solution Providers are remodeling the applications to support the customer-centric goals of the banks like operating on a digital-first model, integration with multiple systems, onboarding customers with ease, providing tailored solutions, data leveraging, better insights, automation, and improved operational efficiency.

Finonyx Software Solutions is a Bangalore-based trusted Oracle Partner focused on providing Comprehensive Consulting, Custom Development, Testing, Maintenance and Support, Implementation and Upgradation Services for Oracle Financial Services suite for Banks and Financial Institutions across the globe. Additionally, Finonyx provides a comprehensive suite of home-grown banking products which complement core banking solutions that banks have procured.

Digital Transformation - The Finonyx Way
As a Consultant and Implementation Partner for Oracle's solutions for banks, Finonyxaids banks in making informed decisions on their journey of technology adoption. Finonyx's more than a decade of experience and commitment ensures that customers experience zero or minimal gaps between the proposed solution and the final delivered product. Some of Finonyx's successfully delivered projects include migrations, upgrades, and greenfield implementations.

Finonyx is a one-stop destination for banking institutions looking at adopting Oracle technologies and applications. The company aids banks in completing their technology landscape across functionalities like Digital Delivery Channels, Core Processing, Governance Risk and Compliance Management, and Backend Infrastructure.
The Finonyx approach towards Digital Transformation is the wide spread approach towards the end objectives, evaluating the current technology environment, bringing together the best of breed technologies, preparing the stakeholders for change, and progressively begin the transformation journey. As the Data is the most significant asset of any institution, Finonyx helps by providing solutions to several business challenges by data analysis and deriving actionable insights.

The company also reduces response time and empowers the real-time decision-making platforms and institutions to make informed choices. This brings consistency to customer service, human error reduction, regulatory compliance, and keep ahead of the competition. In addition to these services, Finonyx also offers core banking solutions. To help and encourage the automation initiatives in the banks, the company has put all together with an RPA Centre of Excellence, that works with banks to automate their key processes.

With the Experience, Expertise, and Excellence that the company showcased over the years, Finonyx has become a Leader among Core Banking Solution Providers.

Since its incorporation in 2010, Finonyx's100% success track record has gained them a huge list of varied clientele around the globe including Central Bank of Libya, Dashen Bank S.C., Ethiopia, LBDI, Liberia, FBC, Zimbabwe, Access Bank, EcoBank, Union Bank, etc. The driving force for Finonyx is its commitment to customer success and progression in value.