Grapes Innovative Solutions: Delivering A Holistic Hospital Management System

CIO Vendor In recent years, telehealth has seen explosive market growth. It has emerged as the enabler of long-distance healthcare service, education, monitoring, follow-ups, and remote admissions, to name a few. Despite its enormous potential for growth, the healthcare industry faces regulatory challenges that impede innovation. While looking to harness the power of technology in the healthcare industry, several factors need to be considered. Security is a primary concern in healthcare applications due to the sensitive patient data they hold. The healthcare industry has very stringent requirements around cryptographic security that dictates how and when the data needs to be encrypted, transmitted and decrypted. Security, better accessibility, easy UI, support services, and integration of various apps, these features are essential when contemplating the needs of a healthcare application.

Grapes Innovative Solutions, headquartered in Kerala, has designed and developed a state-of-the-art hospital management system that saves valuable time and offers higher ROI. The innovative platform focuses on the integration of clinical as well as financial and administrative applications. The cloud-based platform is equipped with several features such as intuitive UI, seamless integration between machines and devices, multicenter integration, multi-layer integration, dynamic report delivery, and round-the-clock support. All in all, the platform is equipped with over 70 modules. "Medicine vocabulary integration helps a lot in saving time. It permits AI-enabled physicians physical notes entry. No other HMS-enabled EMR's have this,” says Jerald Nepoleon, Founder of Grapes Innovative Solutions.

In addition, Grapes Innovative Solutions offers Doctor's App, Patient App, Bed Side Assistant (BSA) App that helps hospitals go paperless, Comprehensive Token System, Smart rooms and so on. The company also provides a dynamic activity bed management system with a bed-wise tariff category. The admission desk, nursing station, and
housekeeping departments are interlinked which ensures maximum utilization of time and resources. Clinical integration of beds can also be possible. "We have on board with us multiple medical colleges and multi-specialty hospitals as our clients. We have a customer base of over 200 hospitals, more than 100 clinics and pharmacies," reveals Jerald.

Doctor's App, Patient App, Bed Side Assistant (BSA)App that helps hospitals go paperless, Comprehensive Token System, Smart rooms and more.

Continually Staying Better Informed
Continually studying this domain to stay abreast of any market changes, Grapes Innovative Solutions associates itself with a myriad of research organizations internationally. Additionally, the company has dedicated an in-house research wing for the same cause. The team continuously analyzes the shifts that can happen within the healthcare industry. "We are into many forums and committees. Also, we gather information from the grassroots level with the support of different tools. So, any changes that are happening in the healthcare industry, we have anticipated and likely prepared for," informs Jerald.

“any changes that are happening in the healthcare industry, we have anticipated and likely prepared for”

Grapes Innovative Solutions are highly dedicated to making contributions in this sector and bringing about a positive change. The company is very committed toward battling global warming and joining forces with the going paperless initiative. The company envisions helping hospitals in India go completely paperless by 2022. Jerald concludes, "We are expanding our business into foreign countries to a great extent with the help of a highly efficient team. Additionally, Homecure is emerging rapidly and we also have a comprehensive solution for that."

Jerald Nepoleon, Founder
Provides all-in-one Hospital Management System with integrated digital medical records and tele-consultation facility.