JMR Infotech: Cutting Edge Digital Banking Solution For Enhance CX And Revenue

Traditional banking has taken a back seat over the past couple of years as digital dependency has increased manifolds. Digitalization has expanded extensively in recent times and the digital market is growing into an enormous space transforming and influencing every aspect of human life. The world is now connected through the digital space and most people use digital platforms for communiation, shopping, payments and even banking. Digital Banking is thus booming at a rapid pace, thanks to the recent Covid19 pandemic changing consumer behavior and reducing human interactions to a great extent.

The changing behaviour of consumers is the major factor that directly connects with the expectations of the banking industry. `Gone are those days where the consumer was happy with whatever services the banks used to offer them. In the present time the customers have become more demanding which results in the demand for lightweight efficient solutions which can fit into the bill and be flexible enough to be moulded according to the changing behaviour pattern of the customers with time, says Jayafar Moidu, Founder & CEO, JMR Infotech.

The company is the first Oracle platinum partner that provides top-notch digital banking solutions

Catering to the fast-transforming consumer behavior and helping banks offer a unique user experience online, JMR Infotech offers innovative and agile digital banking solutions creating a new and fresh experiences for the customers. The solutions are crafted to enhance overall business outcome and revenue. The company is the first Oracle platinum partner that provides top-notch digital banking solutions.

The organisation's knowledge of customer behaviour and market needs is what makes it different from its competitors. The company offers its Oracle omnichannel digital experience, a newly built, enhanced solution. It focuses on the "Anytime Anyway Banking" concept. This allows anyone to bank through mobile phones, ipads and any other device of their choice.
Oracle has introduced various new process management components and it is emphasizing on the transition from Monolithic system to Microservices, where each component can be implemented separately. The componentization is engaging the customers from the very beginning till the end of deal maturation. The lightweight nimble solutions are efficient and help the banks to transform step by step as per the new age requirements. JMR, being cognizant of every such developments, implements its innovative approaches such as the Model bank approach and thus leverages its position in the market. It is a one stop shop for solutions to all the banks and finance service providers and thus has successfully made a prominent name for itself amongst its clients.

`Oracle has also teamed up with the social media platforms and will come up with twitter banking soon. Our rich features and cloud ready solutions will help our clients adapt to the fast digitization and offer their customers the best experience possible,' he adds.

JMR offers a yearly subscription model to its clients that help them save money by avoiding upfront payments. The new age digital solutions offered by JMR have created the opportunity for the banks to explore the verticals and cross industries. Multiple projects across Africa, Asia and other countries in the last couple of years make JMR Infotech confident that digital banking growth is ten times more. JMR Infotech is present in 30 countries and it is looking forward to being present in 100+ countries in the near future.