Magma Engineering India: Enhancing Metal Casting Quality With Updated Technology

CIO Vendor Reports suggest that design flaws cause over 90% of metal component issues, wherein the cost of changing the design can be unimaginable. Furthermore, foundries that use traditional error-prevention techniques to design casting processes are increasingly finding it difficult to compete due to a lack of capacity to respond quickly to customer requirements, errors, and long lead times. As a result, the foundry industry requires a casting simulation system to ensure that the entire casting process runs smoothly with greater efficiency, precision, and productivity. However, when it comes to casting simulations, it is crucial to choose one that offers a high level of process certainty, avoids technical issues, and keeps the project on track. This is where MAGMA comes in.

Having commenced its operations in Germany in 1988, MAGMA has been at the forefront of the advancement in casting process simulation for the past 30 years. According to Srikanth N S Addala, General Manager, MAGMA India, “We stay up to date on the technical advances in the industry, and our team is constantly trained in technical training courses from our headquarters in Aachen, Germany. This helps us leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer service. The unique MAGMA APPROACH, which is fully integrated into MAGMASOFT®, is a systematic methodology to reach desired goals by performing simulations as virtual experiments and putting them into action. This methodology helps to simplify complex technical challenges and systematically addresses them using the appropriate engineering tools available in MAGMASOFT®.”

Complete and effective optimization
Through MAGMASOFT®, MAGMA India provides a complete and effective optimization tool for enhancing metal casting quality, optimizing process conditions, and lowering production costs. MAGMASOFT® helps establish robust process parameters and optimized casting layouts for all cast materials and processes, including heat treatment and melt metallurgy, using the virtual Design of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization methodology – efficiently and comprehensively at the same time.

Simulations using MAGMASOFT® can be employed in an automated virtual test plan through Autonomous EngineeringTM to simultaneously pursue diverse quality and cost targets. The design and process conditions for mold filling, solidification, and cooling are used to provide broad knowledge and real hands-on instructions and measures. The range of results comprises residual stresses and distortion, microstructure formation, and local properties.
Efficient casting development
Today, the foundry business is focusing on efficient casting development, safe production beginnings, and durable production windows. With this in mind, the new MAGMASOFT® 5.5 contributes significantly to increasing casting design, tool-making, and foundry value.

In the recent update, the company has given great emphasis on different aspects namely - Cast Iron in Motion, Quality Assessment in Die Casting In high pressure die casting, Optimized Heat Treatment of Steel Castings, and a lot more.

To begin with, the upgraded MAGMASOFT® 5.5 provides iron foundry men with fully new capabilities for understanding the impact of metallurgy and metal treatment on solidification and feeding behavior. Secondly, the innovative MAGMASOFT® 5.5 permits constant evaluation of the mass balance in the cavity throughout the filling process by correctly predicting the conveyance of entrapped air. It also allows for the prediction and avoidance of stresses in the core during filling and solidification. Thus eliminating casting flaws caused by core deformation or failure. MAGMASOFT® 5.5 also enables heat treatment optimization for a wide variety of low and high alloy steel grades.

Customer service is given the top priority at MAGMA. To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, the brand stays updated on the technical advances of the industry

Customer-centric approach
Customer service is given the top priority at MAGMA. To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, the brand stays updated on the technical advances of the industry. Furthermore, the firm prefers to follow a methodical approach to achieve the customer desired goals. This is accomplished by running simulations as virtual experiments and then putting them into action. Complex technological difficulties are simplified with the aid of this process, and the right engineering tools from MAGMASOFT® are selected. “We not only use this approach in optimizing the casting and tooling designs but also in every aspect of the customer engagement to keep the whole process efficient,” says Srikanth.

In the future, the company wants to drive growth with three ambitious plans named - MAGMAinteract®, MAGMAacademy, and MAGMA CC. That will serve to expand the communication within an organization, as well as with suppliers and customers; educate all foundries, tooling, and purchasing professionals; and offer meaningful information for the simulation-based optimization of vertical and horizontal continuous casting processes.