Mettler Toledo: Ensuring Food Safety Through High-Quality Product Inspection Equipment

Food safety is gaining high importance among food manufacturers. New and additional resources are being deployed by food processors to comply with local and global food safety norms. With the increase in outsourcing, the e-commerce players are setting up in-house food safety departments for their labels. To safeguard and enhance their brand image, and to ensure the availability of safe food to consumers, companies are also formulating their food safety guidelines. Food manufacturers are looking for food manufacturing equipment that can provide them with reliability and repeatability, and help them achieve digitalization. As a relatively new technology, X-ray inspection systems are gaining importance for those applications which require contaminant detection of a wide range of contaminants, plus for those needing packaging and product integrity checks to be simultaneously completed.

One such leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and service provider excelling at offering product inspection system is Mumbai-based Mettler-Toledo. The company has launched a new product inspection combination system for harsh washdown environments. Mettler-Toledo's CM33 Washdown and CM35 Washdown combination systems are aimed at manufacturers of packaged food products, including dairy and meat products, who require quick-cleaning, advanced contaminant detection, and precision weighing solution.

Largest provider of weighing systems & analysis instruments
While the company ranks highly in a number of market segments and is a global market leader in many areas, Mettler-Toledo is the largest provider of weighing systems and analysis instruments for use in production areas, laboratories, and in-line measurement within demanding industrial and food production processes.

Research is critical in developing and manufacturing high-quality product inspection equipment that can allow food manufacturers to maintain the highest standards of food safety.

"At Mettler-Toledo, we are in constant dialogue with our customers to understand their challenges, and with legislative bodies across the world, to ensure our technology meets food safety needs both now and in the future. That dialogue is a vital part of the research that we do," says Sanjeev Kumar Kapoor, Head of Industrial and Product Inspection Businesses, Mettler-Toledo.

"We are renowned for innovation and have our R&D teams and facilities across the world, as well as testing facilities that customers and legislators can attend to see our technology in action," he adds.

While food safety is hugely important and is also a fast-evolving area, Mettler-Toledo prioritizes to keep food manufacturers ahead of the game in these matters, with capabilities such as digital Track and Trace becoming ever more paramount.

Improving process efficiency of manufacturers
The Product Inspection division of Mettler-Toledo is one of the leading providers within the field of automated inspection technology. The division includes the brands such as Safeline metal and X-ray inspection, Garvens and Hi-Speed checkweighers, CI-Vision and PCE Track & Trace, and ProdX data management software. The product inspection solutions improve manufacturers' process efficiency and help them comply with industry standards and regulations. Mettler-Toledo systems ensure consistently high product quality, helping protect consumers as well as the reputation of manufacturers and their products and brands.
Best-in-class technology products
Across its entire product rangeĀ­ spanning areas such as check weighing, x-ray, metal detection, and vision inspection, Mettler-Toledostrives to provide customers with best-in-class technology products and solutions, no matter the kind of application it is being used in. This helps to enhance food safety and compliance, making them more efficient, which enables progress towards digital track and trace capabilities.

The Journey ahead
With the increasing demand for digitalization, Mettler-Toledo has been investing significantly in Industry 4.0. Most of the company's equipment is Industry 4.0-ready and can be integrated with any of the MES systems. Earlier this year, Mettler-Toledo released a new major software update (Version 2.4) of ProdX, - the product inspection management software. With enhanced security features, digital track and trace, automatic performance testing, and real-time logging of test and compliance data, ProdX delivers full digital track and trace and real-time food safety compliance.

"We continue to work closely with our customers to help them comply with their quality management programs. Our customers see us as a reliable and knowledgeable partner. This strength of ours is a key differentiator in our business. We invest a lot of effort in educating the industry to not only be more compliant but also to keep improving productivity and efficiency. This is backed by our significant investments in our people, both in terms of their competence and their availability to share their knowledge with our customers," concludes Sanjeev.

Prompt After-sales service
Mettler-Toledo is a technology partner for most of the food companies globally, and the company works with food companies to set up their food safety parameters in terms of foreign body contamination detection programs. Mettler-Toledo has been present in India for more than two decades and has developed capabilities in pre-sales consulting, engineering, and post-sales support. Since Mettler-Toledo is in the business of "End of Line Inspection Equipment", the company is sensitive to the need for prompt customer support.

Mettler-Toledo has a network of well-trained service engineers who are located near most of the industrial clusters and are backed by an in-house technical support team. All customer service requests are managed centrally through a modern call management system based upon SAP. The company invests a significant effort in training its customers so that they can deploy Mettler-Toledo's equipment optimally.