Sentiacare: Paving The Way For Safer Deliveries

According to a report by WHO on maternal mortality, every day in 2017, approximately 810 women died from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. 94 percent of all maternal deaths occur in low and lower-middle-income countries. Also, young adolescents who are between 10-14 years face a higher risk of complications and death as a result of pregnancy than other women.

Most maternal deaths are preventable. Maternal health and newborn health are closely linked. All births must be attended by skilled health professionals, as timely management and treatment can make the difference between life and death for the mother as well as for the baby. Therefore, skilled care before, during, and after childbirth can save the lives of women and newborns.

Comprehensive mobile solutions
This is where healthcare solutions that helps in paving the way for safer deliveries come to the rescue. One such premier Healthcare Info Tech Company that is developing and implementing comprehensive mobile solutions to address, identify and solve problems resulting in safer deliveries is Bangalore-based Sentiacare (

Sentiacare India has developed comprehensive solutions for covering the gamut of women's health specifically focusing on Adolescent Girls, Pregnant women, Delivery, Post Natal Care, Infant/Neo-Nates/Child care, Immunizations etc

Sentiacare India has developed comprehensive solutions for covering the gamut of women's health specifically focusing on Adolescent Girls, Pregnant women, Delivery, Post Natal Care, Infant/Neo-Nates/Child care, Immunizations etc.

Sentiacare offers Sentiatend, a, pivotal mobile app, that provides front line Health workers (ASHA, others, etc) a Powerful / Useful App that can be used to effectively manage, maintain & action on Health and clinical related information of APWC (Adolescents, Pregnant Women and Children). Sentiatend, when implemented effectively, will result in safer deliveries and thereby may have a positive impact on IMR / MMR.

Sentiatend- detects, identifies, responds and alerts risks and complications that can arise during Adolescence, pregnancy, Delivery and childbirth based on the inputs received by the Health workers.

Its inbuilt intelligence designed using standard protocols covers all aspects of healthcare during the growth of girl child to a women to her pregnancy and till the child is delivered. Risk / referral management for / during Adolescence, ANC, PNC, Delivery, Child along with real time communications using Internet / SMS / WhatsApp integrations, 1X1 interactions with Health experts via Chats, Video etc make it an extremely simple and useful App. Real time monitoring by Supervisory staff / Health experts allow seamless interactions, real time care and timely follow ups.

Designed as Per WHO / NHM norms, the statistical and MIS Reports are key to build better decision support systems and help in making timely decisions. More than 20 dashboards and 90 reports are generated as a part of the program outcome.
Built for Low Cost Resource Settings and ASHA workers in Mind, Sentiatend has been time tested with sufficient field / development experts advises, OBGYN Expertise, Technology expertise. Sentiatend has seen multiple evolutions over the period of the last few years and we consider it as a very stable, scalable, secure Healthcare IT Solution for field and Supervisory staff in the area of Adol, Maternal and Child Health.

The tech stack covers Android 5.1 and above, suited for tablets and mobiles, Power BI, MySQL, Node / Angular/ Javalin servers. 128 Bit Encryption and SSL are other key features for secure data storage and transfer.

A Cognitive tool for predictive decision-making during labor
Sentiacare also offers Sentiagraph, which is a cognitive tool used for predictive decision-making during labor. Sentiagraph aggregates data from multiple deliveries and facilities and transfers data to a cloud server in real-time. In case of abnormalities, the experts who are viewing the data can view the partograph being generated and send clinical information to health workers at remote locations real time. This renders real-time expert support to health workers or staff nurses and enables them to take better decision making for proactive actions or referrals leading to safer deliveries.

Sentiacare solutions are safe, simple, reliable, secure, protocol-based, and scalable focusing on building a strong framework of technology infrastructure that supports the existing rural/urban health infrastructure.

"We aim to become the leaders in this landscape. It has taken us a lot of time, effort, and money to get to where we are today and our objective is to focus on how we can bring specialized solutions. Moving ahead, we want to bring in AI, Voice based Systems, device integration, Drones for "Delivery" etc concludes Aravind A Padamanbhan, CEO, Sentiacare India.

Aravind A Padamanbhan, CEO says, "I have been supported by a wonderful team comprising mainly of women/senior leaders for many years now. Their focus, attention, support makes our goals a reality."

"Director and CTO is Seetharam who is a tech Wiz, Bindu M leads the solutioning, Muralidharan heads program Management, Pallavi K the reporting specialist, Arpitha the Tech Lead, Guru the Architect Sandhya / Suma the HR Specialists are other key members. None of these would have been possible if not for the Voluntary support of Dr Latha Venkataram, Head SBOBGYN, Thanks to all the development partners for their constant feedback to improve the Apps. Importantly the support of my family has been one of my biggest strength in this endeavour," he adds.